Week in Pictures

Now this is love. My husband suiting up to go into the sub-standard crawlspace to remove the flooring insulation by hand because the fucking contractors all want $3,000 (yep, three grand) to do it. Considering they said it can be done in 3 hours by them, a thousand bucks an hour is, pure and simple, horse shit. So husband is…

Early Comparisons…

Well, this beats the hell out of the view of the three-story tall-skinny that was jammed up against our side fence outside our kitchen window several years back. Morning fog? A front yard the size of our entire city lot, that this time next year will be a sweet little orchard? The sounds of birds instead of sirens? Yes please!…

Before and After, Part 1

When I arrived solo to open the house up, I noticed things that I had not paid as much attention to before. For one, all of the walls were either cream or ecru (the latter being more like “baby poop brown” as Dan calls it or “latte” as I politely refer to it) – even the trim! For a 1947…

2 Weeks in Pictures!

Almost 2 weeks since I last blogged, oh my stars! Well here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to during this time of massive transition… Goodbye to our home in Woodlawn! The sunflowers, eight or nine feet up, finally bloomed on our last day (Ciao bellas!). And we took one last walk on the last evening in our neighborhood…

Week in Pictures

Visiting more local haunts in our Goodbye PDX Tour of sorts…awesome Cuban food at Pambiche…scored some great vinyl (Elvis, Pretenders, Beatles, etc.) at Vinyl Resting Place in St Johns, had our last Reuben at the Oregon Public House where Dan volunteered while waiting for his work authorization to come in, and noticing some more great street art, this time along…

The Grip

I’ve been in and out of favor with lady luck I gotta tell you I’ve seen things I never wanted to see I’ve got to get back on my feet I feel like I’ve been sleeping Sweet, sweet time Has been a real good friend of mine Waiting for that change of season Oh the winter’s been so long Searching…

Week in Pictures

Whew! Holy hell is everything on overdrive now or what??? This past week marked some significant milestones in our preparation for the next chapter – the home inspection here (including the radon test which, if you’ve never had it, means you gotta keep all your windows and doors closed for 48 hours – super fun for summertime in trying to…

Sentimental, Part Three

Going out to my garden is so bittersweet, remembering how many evolutions it has been through, how many evolutions *I* have been through over the past 12 years. Clockwise from top left: the third version of raised beds (where we were urban farming at its finest – but I realized I wanted more of a potager feel (mixing flowers with…

Week in Pictures

First harvest from one of our blueberry bushes – woo hoo! They are doing just fine in the buckets we transplanted them into last fall thank goodness and boy are they delish!!! Found these coasters at City Home, a store in Southeast that I was originally checking out for the new furniture line of Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper? Beloved. Furniture…

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