Week in Pictures

Two of our four girls thinking I can’t see them as they nap behind the lavender and pineapple sage. I suppose it’s a good thing they don’t like to be snuggled as I’d be taking them with me everywhere if they were the cuddly kind. This year’s canning, much more disciplined than in years past but enough that it required…


Amen, Bill! I was looking for a non-hospital-based primary care doc not long ago and found one near my home that was recommended. Then I found out they charge you a $100-150 “membership fee” per year (not something insurance covers) just for the privilege of seeing their staff – even though we all have copays and deductibles and shit already…


I just kept hearing the word “emergence” in my head recently. Where am I going to wake up and make my next move? What will it look like? Do I really need to abide by these self-imposed rules? Or can I just…do what I want to do? Is it okay for me to emerge into this new unfamiliarity of a…

Hallelujah Tomatoes!

As we finish off this kick ass tomato season in the garden (I’ve decided to attribute it to the poopy duck water from their tub that we used as occasional fertilizer), I decided I wanted to celebrate the remarkably strong season we had, enabling us (after inhaling multiple bowls of caprese, of course) with our 14 plants to preserve 10…

The dreams that you dare to dream…

In an effort to start the slowly-but-surely process of auditing what we have, what we need to minimize, and what we can put away in preparation for scooting off on our next adventure to the countryside next year, I found this pink owl, sitting in the corner with the other stuffed animals that have been gathering dust since we decided…


Alrighty folks it’s in the 60s and raining here, like Mother Earth looked at the calendar and went “okay people you wanted fall, here you go!” And with that, the focus slowly turns indoors and thinking about the shorter days and longer nights that are creeping in slowly but surely. Not sure about you but I cannot WAIT to get…

Week in Pictures

Saturday in the garden, mid-September: 3 out of 4 ducks are chilling out, our one grassy patch is a combination of trampled yellow grass (we don’t believe in watering lawns in the summer, they’ll be green again soon enough) and duck poop that Ruby’s not gleaned already for her own tasty treats, the temps have dipped into the high 60s/low…

Onward and upward!

So it’s coming up on the end of third quarter (thinking in business terms here) and with that, I’m starting to ponder our goals for 2018, and how we’re going to get there. Y’all have heard many of my frustrations, dreams, challenges faced, and now it’s time to slowly but surely put one foot in front of the other, seizing…

Ready. So ready.

So this happened today: The above picture is our house. My absolute favorite shade of blue, a unique that I have only seen in a few houses. This morning my husband told me to look out the window across the street where the new neighbors had moved in about a month ago. This is what I saw: Yeah they’re painting…


Fall is coming! Air conditioner has been taken out of our bedroom window! It’s cool in the morning! By next week I’ll be able to wear sweats in the morning instead of “as little as possible” when I go out to let the ducks free range! We can use the stove for long periods of time while not sweating like…

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