2dp5dt (AKA: Feeling blissful)

My last time being at 2dp5dt and I know that this means blastocyst(s) should be continuing to hatch and starting to attach itself/themselves to the lining of my uterus. Twinges? Sure. But again, I’m chock full of hormones, so what-evah. Fortunately, my intestinal fortitude is strong after yesterday’s yuckiness (which I purely attribute to the shit-quality brunch we had that…

1DP5DT (AKA: Last Cycle? Screw the Rules.)

I was thinking about how there are so many damn articles and blog posts about “what NOT to do” during the TWW after the embryo transfer. Everyone obsessing that you shouldn’t do X or Y and making all these rules that frankly are incredibly subjective. So for this final cycle… Here are a few listed on umpteen blogs and articles…

Smooth sailing…

Here we go, kicking off our final TWW, or in actuality, 8DW since we test next Saturday. And I gotta say? This was the most unbelievably smooth transfer. Beginning with a nice hot shower to literally start out on a clean slate, we made challah French toast with pear chai butter on top and thick cut bacon on the side,…

Week in Pictures

And finally, here’s my own personal dream team I saw this week who have supported my mental and physical as we count down to our Sixth and Final Transfer Day. Clockwise from top left: Julie from Written on the Body (been going to her for THE best massages for a zillion years, and the only provider I can completely let…

Workin’ 9 to 5 (…and 5 ways for job-seekers to be more easily found by recruiters)

It’s a busy time in recruiter-land for me, managing both sales and engineering recruitments for a local startup, so whenever I kick off a new project, I go deep into sourcing for candidates. Beyond passive job advertisements on sites like Indeed and LinkedIn, I’m reaching out directly to potential applicants via LinkedIn Recruiter, usergroups, and into my network. As LinkedIn…


Our tulips are totally going like gangbusters!!! Woo hoo!! Got a zillion different colors out there (obviously I have a thing for red…), just seeing the beginnings of the white and yellow ones and will have some multicolors coming up soon as well. By far my favorite flower…my only wish is they’d bloom all year… Getting to the middle of…

Last Lining Check

Here We Go…For The Last Time… Alright we are now in the one week countdown til our final embryo transfer. Whoa… It’s a strange thing having been through the ups and downs of estrogen and PIO every other month since fall, but having not had an actual embryo transfer since October. It’s kind of like we’ve been training for the…

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