A Day Without a Woman

In support of International Women’s Day and A Day Without a Woman, my offices will be closed and this blog post you see was written and scheduled on Tuesday for this Wednesday post. This day is not just about women – this is about all of us.

95 Homesteading Skills – the 2017 edition

Last year I posted this Homesteading Skills list as a way to audit our capabilities as urban homesteaders as well asĀ  and we’ve accomplished a bunch more of them. From getting through our first year as new beekeepers, to making our first batch of farmer cheese, to learning to cut up a pig and cure the meat for bacon, etc.,…

Building a Duck Coop & Run – Whew!

We’re just about ready for the ducks to arrive next week! WHEW! Here’s a pictorial of how the project went for anyone who might be curious about how it went. The whole project cost around $150, with 2/3 of that being for the cost of a massive roll of hardware cloth. The ducklings are set to arrive in a few…


Today is all about beauty in the women around us – it’s time to celebrate REAL beauty that emanates from the courage, kindness, strength and openness that great women inspire us with each and every day, from the famous to the everyday women in our world…and a couple of girls as well who are well on their way… Beautiful Woman…

Week in Pictures

Slowly but surely, the first flowers are starting to bud, from the daphnes (left) to the rosemary (which the bees will be stoked about – as soon as it warms up enough to emerge) and the crocuses. As my husband would say, noice!!   I’ve always had a mad crush on Alicia Keys and it’s gotten into a true love…

Creating My Top Five

So last week this photo above is how I was feeling. Infertility. Back Injury. My weight gain since the infertility battle began 2+ years ago. I was fucking angry, depressed, anxious, everything negative exuding from me. Pissed off a lot. Every time something emotional would occur, personally or for that matter, on the TV, my throat would swell up, feeling…


Left: Just after rubbing her face in the thyme bush, her latest and greatest way of scratching her face (which leads to the most hilarious sneeze we’ve ever seen). Right: the weird stare she gives when she’s on the couch, making you feel awkward. Dang – next week is March, y’all! It will be Spring in less than a month…

Streamlining: 50 Days til Final FET

“Don’t look back- you’re not going that way.” – Desmond Tutu These days I’m now looking at this 6th DEIVF as being in the home stretch. Knowing whether we will be bringing a child into this world via pregnancy will finally be resolved and done with. It’s our last round, and I couldn’t be more serious about this being our…


Well let’s not talk about how a guy who’s been trying to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency is now head of the EPA. And let’s not talk about how even Russia is laughing the “president” off and sending subs into our waters. And let’s really really not talk about how the domestic adoption agency’s $500 “training” (which instead was primarily…

April is locked n loaded…

 We are all set for our final embryo transfer on April 14th. I heard back from the ERA rep at a Igenomix as well who said that she reviewed our records and the data shows a 90% chance that this indeed is my window of implantation time, which made me feel good, and so now the only thing left to…

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