May lightning not strike twice.

Another call that we’ve been ‘chosen’.
Another birth mother with no prenatal care or medical verification.

But we do have evidence this time…!


And the phone call went really well. Like night and day compared to the first one.

She’s in Tennessee. We’re in Oregon. Whew.

Ultrasound IS scheduled for 8/15…but best guess is that baby will be coming in the next week or so.

Down the rabbit hole we go, incredibly emotionally taxed but trying to stay positive. So, like, we’ve got boy and girl names picked out. And I ordered a new pack ‘n’ play because the other one got tossed into a dumpster when I had a massive panic attack looking at it at the end of our bed after being scammed by the first woman. And a small order of Holle goat milk formula. And a couple pacifiers.

Lots of bureaucracy, misleading statements, and a healthy sprinkling of downright lies coming from agency personnel. The Business of Being Born needs a follow up called The Business of Adoption, because folks, the bullshit that we’ve put up with, and continue to put up with, is beyond anything I could come up with on my own.

At the same time? I’ve fallen madly in love with two DHS kiddos’ profiles… we’ve been in touch with social workers about (nothing serious has transpired yet, just mutual sharing of info) and completed our online training (WA) so now… I think about them all the time as well.

Amen for my gal Heidi who gave me the 2 1/2 hour facial/massage/reiki bliss I was craving and then gave me her entire collection of Bumkins all-in-one cloth diapers. And another amen for my therapist who at the end of our session gave me a huge hug in that big sister-y way that was the unconditional support I needed…and reduced me to tears 🙂

May lightning not strike twice.


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