Week in Pictures


Texas Cindy: This book I know is one you’d appreciate. Dan & I blew through this and laughed the whole way through. It’s a quick read by the great Oregon writer Katherine Dunn who passed a few years ago. Strongly recommend 🙂

Definitely a Big Time Bread week in our home. I made homemade bagels (above left – with black sesame seeds, great ‘brekkie sanger’ as my honey would say, this one that included our ducks’ eggs, homemade mustard, lettuce from the garden, and bell pepper and bacon freebies my husband scored at work) which tend to disappear VERY quickly, so I also made popovers for the first time with my new popover pan (a big deal as I *never* like to buy ‘single use’ items for the kitchen but my mom used to make these when I was a kid and, well, that was my treat for finishing my most recent client gig!). Then I remembered that my friend C had emailed me the recipe she uses for homemade sourdough English muffins, so those happened as well. Yum. YUM!


And the day finally arrived! Because of our now-fucked  adoption plans, we’d bumped out the delivery date for our 50 heirloom broiler chooks to mid-July. So ya gotta love that the folks at Purely Poultry (same place we got our 4 li’l ducks 2 1/2 years ago!) emailed on Tuesday that they ‘just shipped’ and 2 hours later the post office calls letting us know it’s time to come pick ’em up. I had been postponing DIY’ing a feeding contraption for the brooder, so I called up the Spirit of MacGyver and glued cardboard egg cartons to an old piece of wood, tossed it in the brooder, filled the waterer (ironically we’d bought that for the ducks which was useless after they grew since ducks need to dip their beaks all the way in the water…but we kept it with the idea that ‘someday’ it might come in handy…and YES, it has. Amen.), turned on the heat lamp, and hustled into town. Always funny how many baby birds can fit into a box. I’d left the dog at home because I was anticipating a massive crate, when it was a 2’x3′ box with holes in it that fit in the front seat. Born on Monday in Wisconsin, arrived on Tuesday in Oregon, and on the farm in Astoria by Tuesday afternoon. What a trip. Now, dipping all 50 beaks into water to teach them how to drink (did I mention husband was working that day so this was my solo gig?) was pretty funny, but even more hilarious was how PP’s instructions were to “count each type to make sure you got the right amount of each”. Anyone who’s had chicks and/or ducklings know that they rarely as babies look ANYTHING like the (adult) pictures of their breed on the website, as they are just balls of fluff. Beyond the Delawares which are all yellowish white, the other three breeds are multi color so, um, yeah. Oh and did I mention I forgot to at least do a total headcount when I was unloading them into the brooder? This gal ain’t counting the little buggers once they’re scooting around, so we’ll figure it out when they move from the brooder to the outside tractor at the end of week three! Anyhow, while the feeding guide we saw said they’d be eating 4 lbs/day, in the first three days 50 of them eating about 2 lbs but it’s slowly increasing. We were happy to borrow our neighbor’s extra heat lamp, as the one we had was not enough since our summer days have rarely gone above 70ish this week! They are scampering around the brooder like crazy and I’ve got plywood and extra straw bales around the perimeter for added insulation, so…so far so good!


Back inside the house, we have begun our slowly-but-surely project continuing the window installation. Those who have replaced windows know that it’s VERY hard to buy replacement windows off the shelf, and so beyond the ‘new construction’ ones at the big box stores that only come in a few sizes and have the fins that require removing the exterior trim (not a big deal for us for the ones we replaced upstairs because there was a lot of rotten trim we needed to replace), it takes some serious searching to source windows that you DON’T have to pay someone to install and who don’t charge an arm and a leg, as the business is designed to get you to pay a contractor to do what is honestly not that hard of a job if you’ve got basic DIY skills (I’m classified as ‘unskilled labor’ and figured it out with my husband who was also a rookie before we took this on). Even Energy Trust of Oregon will not give you the window rebates if you DIY – how fucking lame!! Anyhoo, we found out from our local hardware store that they could order custom windows for us, and we were overjoyed. Nine windows – most of them HUGE ones – for a total of $2,500 instead of the $10-15K quoted by local contractors (who also wanted to charge us extra for their having to use scaffolding for 2nd floor windows, good grief). We have them all in the garage and are hoping the weather holds out through fall for us to do one every week or two. Out here it’s rained a lot this summer and as it can take up to a full day to do one install (including removing and cutting/installing/painting new trim, caulking, etc.), we have to jump when that sun comes out! This bathroom window just makes me smile when I see it after the nasty old aluminum one that was in there before. Now the issue? Finding an appropriate window treatment since this faces onto our back deck, haha.

Nothing like ‘before and after’ pictures to remind ourselves we ARE making progress upstairs in the master bathroom!!! With the help of scrap 2×4’s donated by a neighbor, instructions on ‘how to build a wall with a doorway’ I found on Pinterest (don’t worry, there are more supports in the wall than the Before shot shows), our electrician coming in and fixing up the shit wiring that defined the entire area, and coming up with the idea to mimic existing tongue & groove as a wall (to not only avoid drywall but create a wall that’s a lot stronger for hanging stuff), I led the build of our new wall and doorway which leads to our walk-in closet and master bathroom! Yeah man, I built a fucking wall. Pretty rad, no? For some reason I celebrated most when the switchplate went on 🙂  I’m soooo wanting to install the closet system (under the light) but of course there is no floor yet so kinda have to wait for that. After our first plumber fucked us over and no-showed in the middle of a job, we had to get their existing work permitted, then hire another plumber (not an easy thing in this town with limited selection and a lot of disreputable plumbers – thankfully this new guy kicks ass) to do the roughing in of the shower so that we can figure out the next, daunting task: building a shower. We had planned to hire a guy the plumber recommended but after most of the planning, the guy went AWOL the day we messaged him that we were going to buy tile when we were in the PDX area…so we didn’t end up buying any and now are wondering, can we build a walk-in shower ourselves? Even DIYDiva had help in her shower build, so I’m out there looking for another contractor it appears. Sigh…


Oh yeah and Club Nouveau came on while I was typing this up and immediately took me back to my 8th grade graduation dance where this played and our little group of friends were – as girls did back in the 80’s at least – dancing in a circle holding our purses. Because I thought you deserved a visual of what spring of ’87 looked like and proof positive that we all made some bad clothing choices, here’s me in the cardboard ‘car’ where they took pictures of us with our friends (yeah, my whole dress was mint green…my mom conned me saying that everyone would be wearing ‘spring colors’ right after I’d discovered the color black…sigh…). And now, cue the music…


2 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. Didn’t even finish reading this post before I ordered the audible version of that book.
    Then I came back and finished the post, which reminded me that Sunshine gave me a very wordy answer to your question about that shower, and he swore he would sit with me and help me make a blog post soon.
    Final thoughts: I couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of trying to COUNT baby chickens, because obviously😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


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