EcoFem Links: May 2019


Clearly our lovely alliums need an even more wind-protected space. There is nothing quite like gardening to teach you about trial and error…

May is almost through and I forgot about this monthly post of links that have come across my desk, but never fear, here they are…for the three or four people who still follow this blogs and are not bots here ya go (I’ve come to learn that WordPress refuses to come up with something that will allow you to automatically block someone from following, so there are at least 25 bots if not more – yes, even ones with friendly pictures on them that they’ve clearly stolen…want to see if you have bots in your followers? Simply delete a few generic-sounding ones and watch how within weeks if not days if not hours those same sites are suddenly following you again. You literally can’t do anything about it and WordPress could give a shit).

I need good news so here are five links that made me smile this month:

* Mountain Gorillas…and their people. So awesome.

* I’m a big fan of Kamala Harris but I gotta say, Jay Inslee is a close second.

* Khloe Thompson – my new favorite 12 year old.

* Here, here! Local dumpster diving art celebrated? Awesome. Love my home state.

* Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This dad teaching his trans son how to shave. Beautiful. That’s how it should be.

And this by India Arie…even if the HPT part made me cry for 2016…for my sweetheart…I love you so very much…



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