Gratitude in the Garden

The things we’ve planted are coming up here as we reach nearly eleven months since getting the keys to this place. Such a cool thing! Clockwise from top left: snowball tree, red yarrow  (brought over from our old garden, the first rose of the year (also one that came with us, as I’ve had this one for years!), the second rose of the year (this one came with the house), hops beginning to climb (they love the sunny spot on the side of the garage for sure!), our boysenberry bush is going crazy (one of our four berry bushes that we brought with us from our old place – and it’s loving this spot SO much more!), and one of our 8 ceanothus (AKA California Lilac). Yay flowers!

And our veggie garden planted entirely by seed this year, so cool! These are my 12’x4′ raised beds built from repurposed old pasture fence slats and decking lockwise starting at Top left: I prefer to have my greens close by for salads and side dishes, so I plant lettuces and collards in pots instead. Top middle: I’m doing wayyy more companion planting in these raised beds, which starts with potatoes, bush beans and calendula which will flower beautifully very soon. Top right: strawberries (bought starts eons ago and since they’re fruits I say they don’t count in my all-seed garden claims haha!) with garlic. Bottom right: My first time planting zucchini and butternut and blue kuri squashes from seed, which I started several weeks ago in the beds but under a row cover to keep them warm enough to germinate out here on the coast. Bottom middle: Peas and two kinds of spinach. the peas went yellow and weird a few weeks into their growth but about 2/3 made a full recovery and are going gangbusters now, proving to me that the trellis I built is kind of shit and I’ll need to figure out a stronger setup next year. The adorably crinkled bloomsdale spinach is definitely the winner this year, as the other gigantic leaf variety bolted when we had our ‘warm wave’ and it got up to 80 for two whole days, while the bloomsdale enjoyed it’s partly-shaded perch under the peas. Bottom left: And finally, carrots and onions are exploding! So happy as two years ago before we moved here the old raised beds – which were at a shorter height – had carrots and onions but the ducks ate most of the tops off so they didn’t grow to full size. Definitely learned our lesson 🙂



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