Week in Pictures


Husband took me out for a picnic at Indian Beach on a glorious sunshiny spring day! Even Lucky, who is not a very good beach dog (cares more about sniffing and eating things she shouldn’t than frolicking in the surf, and definitely can’t go off-leash as people are freaked out by pitties, even sweet girls like her) faced the camera! So nice with all that is going on to be whisked away. More, please!


Highly recommend a Netflix marathon-ing of Dead to Me. Christina Applegate is brilliant and funny as hell. She curses like me too haha 🙂


We had a phenomenal week or so of 70-80 degree weather that gave a gorgeous kickstart to our newly planted front garden (still in progress, tired hands and knees from so much planting along with, well, EVERYTHING else going on…Not the most awe-inspiring photo unless you’re me and quietly cooing over not having a poorly stained red front door anymore, not to mention no more icky leaky skylights! Woo hoo!


Amen for multiple kinds of spinach and lettuce from the garden! We’re excited to have so much growing, including strawberries, garlic, onions, carrots, beans, peas, rhubarb, squash, zucchini, cucumber, kale, collards, blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, and of course tons of gorgeous herbs 🙂 Only thing that did not come up from seed on the veggie side were leeks, but it was an old bag so whaddayagonnado.

Our master bedroom is DEFINITELY coming along after an excruciating weekend of installing what-was-supposed-to-be-simple (BUT NOT!) bamboo click flooring (don’t trust any review that said “oh it only took us 3 hours!”). But it’s done and now we’re getting the baseboard trim in, a rug has been ordered, I need to build some decent looking window trim, but then – BAM! – by month end we should be moving in here. If you look at the photos starting from bottom right (this was the photo from the real estate listing) to us stripping out the cat-pee-stanky-green carpeting and stabilizing the subfloor with plywood, not to mention removing the half-wall behind where her bed was, you can see the evolution from the 1980s vibe to…gasp!…present day D&A!


The baby is due in 27 days. Our birth mother has relocated out of state to live with her mother and have the baby there, so with that means we will have the inter-state adoption regulations to follow (i.e., once the birth mother signs the paperwork there is a waiting period for everything to go through before we can drive home with our little one). The agency is still negotiating the financials so the match is not considered “official” until that occurs, which means technically our profile is still being shown to other birth mothers. I sent a friendly hello via text to the birth mother but did not hear back, but the agency said that is normal and not to worry. Along with finishing up the remodel, we are also stocking up on dry goods so we can ‘cocoon’ as much as possible without having to leave the house once we get back home with the baby. Dan’s been tasked with learning how to install the car seat and I ordered all the ingredients to do DIY goat’s milk formula (with our neighbor putting us on the top of her list for the raw milk, woo hoo!), and – AMEN! – just finished up all three engineering recruitments I’d been working on which mean I’ll get paid just in time to…turn the entire check over to the adoption agency. We are so, so ready. Please let this all work out. Please.e


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