Week in Pictures

Local salmon returned to our household in a big way this week! Along with doing one of our favorite ginger/tamari marinades on one part of a fillet for our dinner, I commandeered an entire slab of this lovely Spring Chinook and made fennel-cured salmon. It only takes 5-10 minutes to prep all the sweet, salty and savory ingredients and just 3 days to cure so in the land of charcuterie that’s pretty speedy! I’m not a huge fennel person but when it comes to this? I’m a true convert 🙂 Bring on the bagels!


DIY projects upstairs continue at an even more rapid pace (I’ll tell you why in a later post), with the master bathroom plumbing change-a-roo completed – getting rid of the traditional toilet plumbing (We’ll be getting a composting toilet, which has been on my eco-home wish list for years, woo hoo!), and moving the shower and sink plumbing to open up the space considerably as this was the darkest, dankest, creepiest room in the house when we moved in – not exactly representative of what most of us think when we hear the term ‘master bath’.  In pulling out all the nasty textured drywall to prepare for the electrical moves (it was a giant WTF when you looked at the lighting in there), we also discovered that the former owners of this house had an electrical shitshow going on in the walls including an inaccessible junction box so our fantastic electrician did a kickass job not only customizing what we needed but fixing all the crap. I never ooh’d and ahh’d at electrical work til this day, as this was practically sexy it looked so good, haha. So anyways, now Dan is patching up the subfloor before we cover the whole thing with plywood to stabilize it (bouncy floors upstairs are nauseatingly scary) like we did in the master bedroom, before putting down a layer of wonderboard which tile will someday go on. Yeah we’ve been here 10 months and still don’t have a master bed/bath, but as my fellow DIY’ers know, it’s worth it when you don’t go into debt to make it happen. Plus we are learning a crap-ton which is rad!  🙂

And on the exterior, I’m stoked to say every remnant of the wobbly, downstairs-of-house-darkening upper deck is GONE! Along with that, all but two of the aluminum windows on the back of the house are GONE – and donated to a local guy who wanted to repurpose them for building his greenhouse (yay!). Yeah the house looks kind of funny with the pale gray paint and stark white trim, but someday the house will be a gorgeous deep blue with that white trim and that’s why we’re tolerating it looking weird right now 🙂 Gotta say we are so proud to have DIY’d this entire window thing ourselves!! (One thing however, we do have two windows on the side that are too big and terrifyingly high up for our existing ladders and so those ones we’ll end up paying for replacement…when you don’t have health insurance this is whatcha do!).



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