EcoFem Links – April 2019

Daffodils! I found out from my neighbor that the former owner hated them and tossed all the bulbs down by the creek…but some survived, including these all white ones!

* Morgan Freeman has not only fallen in love with beekeeping, he’s made his 100+ acre ranch a honeybee sanctuary. Now THAT is badass.

* HUGELY IMPORTANT – “About 70% of fresh produce sold in the US has pesticide residues on it even after it is washed.” Now it’s easy to say “well I buy organic so I’m good” but here’s the thing – every time you go out to eat, is the produce on the menu organic or are you just assuming because it’s a kale chip that it’s healthy? This is where most of us, even the greenest of us, often fall short. The Guardian also reports in this article that “90% of Americans have detectable pesticide levels in their urine and blood.” Ugh. Let’s all do better – not just by voting with our wallet, but by voting for candidates (and contacting existing representatives at the local, state and national levels) who actually aren’t full of shit like those in the White House who are literally actively trying to make our world less safe.

* I don’t iron clothes, because I don’t have clothes that need ironing and haven’t in many, many years. But once in a blue moon I have some weird DIY project that requires ironing and this is the makeshift ironing board

* The Atlantic’s article from 2014 calling out the product-of-its-time defense that people use so much in our world to blow off racism and sexism, and other forms of bigotry, is well worth a read. In one particular example about HP Lovecraft, they articulate it perfectly: “Saying that Lovecraft was “of his time” erases all the folks (not least black people) who were not racist, or held different views. And it erases Lovecraft himself, turning him into a blank slate, devoid of free will, simply regurgitating accepted wisdom, as if he had no other choice.” If I hear one more person excuse an older relative or friend or coworker for their bigoted comments by laughing it off or saying “oh that’s just their generation”, I will fucking scream. I have never understood how people use the fact that they are biologically related to someone to tolerate those many forms of hate, which is exactly what it is when you choose (yes, choose, you do have a choice as to who you spend your time with) to be with people who exhibit that kind of behavior and bite your tongue. I never thought it was funny when I went to my friend’s family one year for Thanksgiving and her uncle liked to pinch her bottom. When I was a kid, I never spent the night at my friend’s house again after I found out her older brother raped her repeatedly and STILL LIVED IN THE HOUSE, forgiven by all (even my friend, who was clearly so messed up that she believed she loved her attacker). And I never thought it was acceptable to do business with a prospective client who stared at my tits during a business lunch, or stay silent when the owner of another company made xenophobic comments to one of my candidates, or not call out a tech leader’s public and legal support of a wealthy tech investor rapist on LinkedIn while others kissed his ass. No way, no how. Be the person you say you are – call out bigotry and don’t stay silent. Yes, you might just have to put on your big girl/boy pants and disrupt the ‘peace’ brought on many years of silence that ultimately tells the person committing the behavior that they are safe to hate around you, but…tough shit. Do it. Walk your talk.

* And because my peas are just at the point of getting ready to climb and we’re living in a windy, windy area these days, I’m trying to get clever with stronger trellises for these beauties to thrive on.

Oh yeah – and while shoveling hemlock mulch I had this stuck in my head so much that I’m going to make sure you do too. The other day I assessed my past life and was reminded of the monstrous lies, so that it was like breathing, by the person I gave up my name for the first time around. I took a peek at the present and saw they are still the same liar as always, and I breathed a reminder breath. I’m in such a different place in my life so many years later, that I just sit here and look at the daffodils and hyacinths my love picked from our garden for me and I am so grateful for where I sit.


One thought on “EcoFem Links – April 2019

  1. Yes sticking up for bigots in your family or friendships is just undermining yourself if you have an ounce of self respect. No excuses. In fact you have a duty to tell them to get over themselves. My mother used to feel it was ok to be rasist and then hire an eastern European to clean her garden. When I chastised her she just dismissed it as the decisions of an old lady who didn’t need to be politically correct. Made me mad!

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