Have You Ever Considered…? (A DIY Series!)

After a week’s break, I’m back with my latest post of DIY things…things that I never imagined doing some years ago, and are now just part of our lives! And not only are they just par for the course, I can’t even imagine going back to buying these things at a store – overly processed, overly priced things in packaging that is often in non-recyclable plastic packaging (remember, plastic can only be DOWNcycled, not REcycled, and most countries do next to nothing to find things to do with it…not to mention all plastic is made from fossil fuels). These days, I find myself wandering through grocery stores, both big box and ‘natural’ and my mind is blown at how much plastic we are surrounded by. Just today I was in the “natural” section of Fred Meyer and every.single.item in the skincare area was in plastic packaging, including a TON of individually-wrapped/single-use items. Oy vey, y’all!

There’s got to be better ways to do this, I always say, and with that, over the last few years I’ve finally dove into making basic skin/body products that are not only eco-friendly, but easy and economical.  When I used to see blog posts, so many of the ingredients were really random and often required ordering online (with sooooo many bloggers doing the added disservice of referring readers over to Amazon, one of the most evil corporations out there, rather than encouraging folks to buy locally), or just didn’t give the kind of results that made it worth my time (One big example: DIY shampoo. Nope. This hair just does not respond well to no-poo, shampoo bars, etc., so instead we refill containers from the bulk aisle til a good alternative is discovered.  Similar thoughts on DIY toothpaste, but more because every time I’ve gotten off fluoride toothpaste, I get cavities, and without dental insurance, this gal’s got to have it. So natural formulas with fluoride, plus recycling tubes via TerraCycle, is our current modus operandi.)

So with that, here are three of my favorite body care items that both my husband and I use regularly (and he mixes these potions up just as much as I do – this is not a female thing, y’all), all with ingredients that are easy to come by even in smaller towns like our town of just 9,000 people!

HAND SOAP / BODY WASH (adjust amounts according to the jar size! I love the soap dispenser top we got for our mason jar – spend $ on one as some are crap)
3/4 cup Dr Bronner’s castille soap
* 3/4 cup honey (local, of course! also often found in bulk aisles at natural grocery stores)
* 1/4 cup castor oil (found in the health food/vitamin section of most major grocers)
* 1/4 cup organic olive oil (we buy ours from the bulk aisle and refill our container)
* 20 drops of your favorite essential oil (I am digging orange these days…)

BODY LOTION/BUTTER, AKA Baby Butt Balm originally made when we were pregnant and inspired by THIS recipe… after we lost the baby we finally started using this and realized it’s totally great after a shower and definitely on really dry winter days!)
3/4 cup beef or lamb tallow, melted (seriously easy to make from your butcher’s fat – often they will GIVE it to you because they usually throw it away, and great not only for this but for roasting veggies in)
* 1 overflowing tbsp organic olive oil
* 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil (I used mint in my latest concoction pictured)

DIY DEODORANT (husband uses it more than I do as I’ve found out here in the country I rarely need deo these days unless I’m stressed! go figure!)
* 6 tbsp organic coconut oil
* 4 tbsp baking soda (we get this from the bulk aisle)
* 4 tbsp arrowroot powder or cornstarch (again from the bulk aisle)
* 6-10 drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender is our favorite for the pits!)

NOTE: Just about everything we make is ultimately stored in a canning jar! However, for the body butter, I’m currently reusing an old jar that once held marinated artichokes because I like the look of the jar in the bathroom 🙂


2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Considered…? (A DIY Series!)

  1. Does the DIY deodorant leave white marks on your clothes? I’m having a hard time finding deodorant that doesn’t leave marks or gives me an allergic reaction. Even the deodorants marked “invisible solid” still leave marks! 😡


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