Week in Pictures


It’s almost time to get our new nucs! This year we are doing 2 hives and with the new one needing to be protected from the elements anyhow, I thought rather than a simple tung oil treatment, I’d join the land of painted hives! Thanks to some discounted sampler size zero-VOC leftover paints at HD, I came up with this design for mine (Dan is busy working on his masterpiece as we speak), based on…the only things I know how to draw – flowers and sunshine, same things I’ve been drawing since I was five. The bees are copied from a graphic I’d used for one of our rain barrels and the ‘ta-da’, for those not familiar with the Flow Hive, is where you can remove it and see the bees at work making honey! We are totally excited as it’s just over 30 days before we head back to Stumptown to pick up our Italian ladies 🙂 May this year they be kept safe, warm, dry and happy, as I can’t bear to lose another hive, it’s too traumatic (and hell, we JUST ran out of our last quart jar of honey yesterday…not cool man…not cool.)


Maple Espresso Bacon. I do love making homemade bacon. This flavor combo from a recipe found on Pinterest definitely is in my top three. I can’t even look at grocery store bacon anymore after having made it ourselves for the past 2 years.

And holy moly! We replaced our first window – and the totally rotten frame – without paying anyone to do it! Seriously, never thought we’d do this ourselves and this baby Dan gets all the credit for (with a big bunch of gratitude to our neighbor who has been mentoring him in some of these more advanced DIY projects). Replacing the window itself was super easy we found out, rather it’s getting all the weatherproofing and replacing the cedar shingles and all that jazz that is so bloody time consuming. But dang! Pretty cool eh? Here’s an old back-of-house view so you can see what one we did and how many freaking windows this house comes with. A good thing to have all the light but dang, when the windows are old storm ones from the 1980s with tons of condensation and the outside frame/trim literally broke off into pieces when we were taking it out? Not a good thing. We have one last upstairs window on order before we can finish changing out the other upstairs windows and then my dream can come true of removing that godawful second story deck that is wobbly and terrifying. The railings are gone and used for building a raised bed, and so by month end, the rest of this will be GONE! I gotta say though, we were quoted at FOUR THOUSAND BUCKS to replace these top five windows and we got all of them, Energy Star, for about $850. This is why we forced ourselves to learn how to DIY more, dang! PS – ‘pure white’ is the paint on the new shingles and trim, making our existing house color look pale bluish in comparison. Oy!


Mornings on the farm like this are the stuff of dreams. Love love love.  No matter what frustrations I’m experiencing in other parts of my life? This reminds me of why we came here and why we left the city. Hallelujah.

Feeling the love this sunshiny first week of March! Surprise flowers from my sweetheart and a gorgeous pop-up card and photos from our Mum in Australia. 🙂


And with these last few glorious days of sunshine, while my husband tackled the brunt of the window project, I made some serious headway in the garden! YAYYYYYYY! Seriously y’all, I’ve been struggling without my fruits and veggies and this week made me feel literally more of myself. Added hoops to the existing raised beds for row covers that arrive tomorrow (one hoop/bed visible in this photo – the bed made from old decking and the hoops <$2/ea at the big box store which I cut down to size and screwed in with cheap steel pipe clamps – rad), planted peas (remembering ‘peas between President’s and St. Patty’s’), spinach, strawberries, and five organically grown bare-root fruit trees (about 40% cheaper than buying the giant heavy potted ones of similar size), AND built three gates so that our garden is now officially fenced in!!! Ducks are not going to be happy but it means they will be out of reach of our flower garden that we are getting planted out front (lots of stink-spray to hopefully keep the deer out as well). Happily exhausted!

And with that, two things that made me smile today: our sunbeam-loving dog Lucky following the sunshine’s path all the way into the mudroom for a nap, and stopping on the Old Bridge at sunset on the way to meet up with my honey to snap this gorgeous shot at the end of a late winter’s day. Ahhh….



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