Divine Rebels + Rebel Hearts: Coaching Inspiration

My friend and everlasting source of inspiration, Rebecca England, is a life coach and after watching her brand new video to showcase what she’s all about and what she has to offer women in her work, I was just overcome with happiness to see it. And it reminded me of these bits of Madonna’s song Rebel Heart

I’ve lived my life like a masochist
Hearing my father say,
‘Told you so, told you so!
Why can’t you be like the other girls?’
I said, ‘Oh no, that’s not me
And I don’t think that it’ll ever be’
Thought I belong to a different tribe
Walking alone, never satisfied, satisfied
Trying to fit in but it wasn’t me
I said, ‘Oh no, I want more
That’s not what I’m looking for’
So I took the road less traveled by
And I barely made it out alive
Through the darkness somehow I survived
Tough love, I knew it from the start
Deep down in the depth
Of my rebel heart
Outgrown my past and I’ve shed my skin
Letting it go and I’ll start again, start again
Never look back, it’s a waste of time
I said, ‘Oh yeah, this is me
And I’m right here where I wanna be’
I said, ‘Hell yeah, this is me
Right where I’m supposed to be’

So with that, here is Rebecca’s video below…and hey, if you’re interested in the kind of awesome work she does, check out her website HERE. xo – Aimee



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