Wait, I thought we left all this…

Good morning, Oregon Coast!  Three inches of snow overnight here on the farm in Astoria…yet nothing stuck in Portland. WTF y’all.

But hey, it was pretty and hey, we ain’t on the East Coast so no subzero vortex hell for us. Although I gotta say, when you buy 5+ acres and have so much room for a dog to scamper about and she literally sidesteps the snow and stands at the door because she’s cold? Then makes a mad dash to the neighbor’s back door when I ignore her pleas to go back inside, creating havoc since they are not used to seeing a pitbull on their property…? Oy vey!  But they were gracious and now our girl is, after a healthy bout of chasing her tail and eating some home-baked pig ears I made for her (knew those things would come in handy sooner or later), konked out in her bed in doggy dream-land. And speaking of animals, the ducks were having none of it either. They marched out there bravely for a minute, and quickly had a “this is total bullshit” moment and went right back to the run, into the coop, and have been snuggled up together all morning and afternoon. I guess it’ll be me playing alone…

Looking out from our bedroom window onto the pasture…pretty lovely eh?!
Where a dog should be scampering about, instead it’s quiet…
Looking out the kitchen window…

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