EcoFem Links – December 2018


Finally tried my hand at making homemade graham crackers from Karen Solomon’s cookbook Jam It, Pickle It, Cure Itit was incredibly easy! I’d always wanted to try these because the storebought ones are usually so dry and these were definitely perfection! I made them a bit thick as you can see so they’re more like a ginger-less gingersnap cookie but still, YUM. It’s definitely a molasses time of year.

Okay! December in full swing! Tons of articles that I’ve run across lately that are so very much worth sharing…

  • Why We Are Leaving the GOPmy favorite excerpt: “It is fiscally disingenuous to deny birth control coverage and then bemoan unintended pregnancies and abortion…We don’t have the space to outline President Trump’s transgressions, but it is important to understand that his rise is an inevitable result of the hostility to women within the Republican culture.” Glad to see some folks are standing up for women and doing the right thing.
  • We all know about fake meat for vegetarians, but did you know there is fake pork made out of lamb and beef for Muslims? Check out this article on Spain’s first halal jamon, following both Muslim slaughter traditions and traditional Spanish curing processes…just with different animals! Coolness.
  • Another reason I love the West Coast? Our badass governors from Washington to here in Oregon to down south in California, who are rockin’ the environmental initiatives and giving a big middle finger to #45 who continues to shit on our planet. Three cheers for these governors! (not here? call or email your governor and state legislators – only by telling them what you want for your state do you increase the chances of actually getting it!)
  • 10 Ways to Reject Capitalism awesome and while we might not all go for all ten, I’m sure each of us can take at least one to heart and make the change (well, except for #10 as I have no idea what this one means as I think it’s purely for UK folks since this was excerpted from The Guardian?). As for me, I’m contemplating the soap-nuts shampoo idea (shampoo bars and powders have been abject failures for my fine-yet-plentiful hairs on my head) to go along with our existing ACV-as-conditioner.
  • A deficit to fund a border wall yet no money for the environment? Fuck that shit. No seriously – there is literally a sewage crisis at the border – check out the NRDC article calling out what’s going on along the southern border.
  • As soon as I’ve got a budget for these goodies, I’m definitely going to start experimenting with cannabis options for (peri)menopause. I’m not a smoker, so it’ll probably be edibles or in the form of ingredients to make aforementioned edibles,
  • And on a totally different topic – and one that made me laugh just reading the article as I nodded in agreement, Why Do You Keep Dreaming You Forgot Your Pants? It’s Science. While my recurring dreams no longer have that element (that was all-too-common in my school days, however), I totally get it -my frequent nightmare ever since becoming a homeowner years ago was always about a part of the house falling out. I think I’m waking up to notice a chunk of the floor or wall has come out and things are – literally – crumbling around me. I’ve woken up my husband (and the ex-husband as well) to point out areas of the room that immediately need looking at. Oy vey. So I’m trying to remember the author’s food for thought about all of this: “Mulling over the worst-case scenarios in the light of day forces me to recognize how unlikely, even ridiculous, they are; confronting them saps them of their power to terrify and even makes me laugh. I wake with a sigh of relief — no matter how unprepared I feel for this meeting, at least I won’t turn up naked.”

And with that, as I like to now end these monthly posts? Music to groove to while you are driving or walking or cooking or biking around this holiday season, one of my very favorites from back when Bono still had long hair, when the M in MTV still stood for MUSIC, and I had U2’s poster on my wall in my teenage bedroom…



3 thoughts on “EcoFem Links – December 2018

  1. I’ve started buying natural hygiene products, and I’ve been using soap nuts for laundry for a while now. I wish we could make claims against the trains and stuff that don’t run on time, because if there were something like this in murica I bet airplane service would get better


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