Before & After: The Dining Room

Finally, another room that is usable! While we still have bits and pieces to do (ceiling tile to continue once the budget allows, a bit more art for the walls, a dream chandelier from our neighbors at HiiH, and a real dining table rather than this table Dan built that was supposed to be my new work desk, but still is the only table in our house, 5 months later…), it’s completion really came in the form of both extending the floor color from the kitchen to the dining room, thereby eliminating the “this was once walled off” vibe, and finally receiving the long-awaited rug, a super-clearance jute item on (which was before the no-spend challenge btw!).

BEFORE (these are photos from the house listing): the wall on the right of course separated the dining room from the kitchen (click HERE to see our kitchen before & after photos), and every wall in the house was puky ecru, with this room’s exception being the rusty vomit lower half. Oh and did I mention the former owner had coated the hardwood floor JUST in the dining room with GLOSSY finish that, along with it’s mirror-like horrors, also peeled off like scotch tape with the lightest touch. On Day One, I made my husband take down the godawful chandelier. On the other side there is an alcove where she filled it with plants and allergy-laden blinds and chiffon curtains coated with dust that were left behind (the window treatments, not the plants), and by Day Two I’d removed the offending items and made the decision that this would be the perfect little office with a great view of the horses in the pasture across the street (and, eventually, our front garden that we’ll be planting in 2019).

AFTER: Barely recognizable, don’t you agree? I included a wee bit of the kitchen in each so you can see how it blends into it, along with my office-in-progress. It feels really great to be able to show off a bit more being DONE…or at least partially done!

Here are the basics of this particular remodel:

* WALLS: Zero-VOC Behr in winter white.
* FLOORS: Zero-VOC Annie Sloan chalk paint, b&w custom blended.
* CREDENZA: this was my grandmother’s 🙂
* TABLE: my husband built this out of repurposed materials.
* CHAIRS: Target.
8′ x 8′ JUTE RUG: Wayfair. FYI: the pad underneath is made from recycled fabric.
* ART: Dahlia print taken by me in Giverny, France. All other framed photos are mine as well from our travels and life together 🙂
OFFICE CONSOLE: I built it all by myself out of 100% repurposed wood from our garage & barn last week, inspired by the Ana White Taylor design.



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