Week in Pictures


My one cheat during this no-spend challenge? The new Snoop cookbook, From Crook to Cook. I admit, I was jealous my husband got new work shoes but rather than expensive shoes, I got this. Hey, I needed a laugh…and some new ideas for the kitchen πŸ™‚

Front door – painted! We had a mild day (low 50’s, no rain) so I jumped at the chance to get our front door painted! While it looks way better than the crappy fake mahogany/cherry stain that was on it, I’m bummed because the color swatch I chose was “tomcat black” and, well, clearly this is a dark gray! PS – zero VOC all the way, baby!


Rainy days are perfect for getting out the dehydrator! Our potted sweet bay plant is now 2 years old (this is why) and that means I can finally start using these beauties! PS – these took a good 8 hours in the dehydrator, so best to pop these in before going to bed so you’re not obsessed with checking to see if they’re dry yet πŸ™‚


Over a gallon of apple cider vinegar now completed from the peels leftover from fall canning, woo hoo! There’s still more in progress and the first batches left us some good mothers to get the next cycle going. (Never made homemade vinegar? Click here for blogger Lacey’s how-to post)


And finally, I’ve been focusing on several of the suggestions that this article gives on what to do when your business is slow. After one of my longtime clients of 6.5 years finally hired someone internally to do their recruiting, and two other prospects went radio silent, it’s officially the holiday season where work is slow and I get my annual case of Bag Lady Syndrome. So with that, it’s now time to evaluate my existing marketing, networks, and put together an overall plan for what I want out of 2019. After 6.5 years it never gets old, interesting things always pop up, and in this new geographic location I know there are a lot of new things to ponder…whew!



5 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

    1. OMG I just looked on my phone and it definitely does! It doesn’t help that the current trim on the house and below the front step is an indigo blue… Ironically our plan is to ultimately replace the siding and have a blue house with white trim and a black front door…so a blue door was definitely not in my plans πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


  1. Doesn’t it feel good getting some home chores like that done? You’ll appreciate it every time you look at the door. Regardless of the colour, I think it looks great.
    Also, that’s a good article. I need to take notice of it. Early January will be the perfect time for me to do these things.


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