Remembering our sweet girl: one year later


This week we paid tribute to our sweet girl Ruby, who we lost one year ago. We had her only three years before she died, but they were three incredibly wonderful years worth of memories, her sweetness brightening our little piece of the world. From the moment we brought her home from the shelter, she was part of our family and went everywhere with us (if we could have brought her to France we would have) – from the beach to the desert to the forest, from hanging out in the garden to looking after the ducklings when they first came home to celebrating the holidays with us, from making us laugh to comforting us to pretending to be brave to nuzzling up to us at the very end, this dog was our heart, and we are so grateful to have had those years with her, and only wish she could have seen the home we wanted to take her to out here on the coast. She would have loved it here. We’ve planted a dogwood tree in the backyard, in a sunny spot she would have loved to bask in, and sprinkled her ashes into the soil it was planted in. She will always be with us, our Ruby Dog.



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