Week in Pictures


While I’m not a gravy type of gal, I will say that my first attempt (yep, ever) at making a chicken pot pie turned out pretty frickin’ tasty. The recipe is from one of the first bloggers I ever started following almost a decade ago, Ashley English, whose cookbook A Year of Pies is pretty fab. She doesn’t blog that much anymore so I linked her name in this post to her Instagram where you can drool over her property outside of Asheville, North Carolina, and the life she and her family have created out there (I don’t do Instagram so fortunately her page is public!). I substituted a half zucchini I had on hand for the celery (which I never have on hand), my gorgeously decadent rendered leaf lard for the shortening (eww, shortening is grody) when making the top crust, and a combo of cream and almond milk to make half & half (use whatcha got!)…and it was great.


Gotta love this view the other morning out our back porch!!! And gotta love my husband for knocking on the kitchen window while he was out tending to the ducks to let me know I needed to see this… 🙂


And speaking of views, I adore this time of year for the amazing sunrises! This is from our front porch the other (chilly!) morning. Ahhh…

My first attempt at making homemade limoncello is under way! Organic Meyer lemons, organic raw sugar and some local Bar Pilot Vodka? Yes please! This will be a treat for us to enjoy on New Years. I’ve not made homemade liqueurs in a long time so along with this I’ve got two others – ginger and coffee – in process as well. YUM.


And with a quick trip to Portland to visit my dad’s grave, marking a decade since his passing, I also spent a couple of great hours with my gal Heidi of Nurturing Esthetics getting some facial/massage/Reiki all rolled into one. I call her place “the womb” and always leave there feeling better – more relaxed, softer skin, and loved/cared for. It was definitely an intense session as she’s got some pretty powerful spiritual intuition and connectivity and I am forever grateful to her. My friend M loves her skincare line as well, which is organic and smells delicious – check the link to peruse her online store!

Don’t worry, this week has not been all about food and fun, as the DIY still definitely goes on! It’s just super unsexy stuff for the most part right now. The gutted master bedroom now is slowly-but-surely getting a plywood subfloor. Seems like it’d be the easy part, but that shit is A) heavy on top of a Subaru wagon roof rack, and B) as 4×8 sheets won’t go up our staircase, we bring it in via the old second floor deck by balancing them on sawhorses, then I get under it and push it up (only thing my back can handle) while Dan pulls it onto the deck (glad we haven’t gotten rid of the deck/door yet up there!), and I hold my breath that he doesn’t drop it. So because of that we are just doing a few sheets at a time. Along with that we’ve got to rent a drywall lift to cover up the old windows  along with that whole slanted lower wall (we’re keeping the wood exposed on the top half and painting it white to give it a shiplap feel), and  In the meantime though I’ve collected more bags of manky drywall from tearing down the side wall in the master bath. Let me just say that bathroom was creepy as hell with the slanted ceiling in the shower that was built in the only dark area of the bathroom, so things are definitely going to change. AMEN for having 1 1/2 other bathrooms to use so there’s no rush on this project’s completion 🙂


And because of all that DIY stress, we celebrated with another batch of homemade bacon- this time on the sweet side, with molasses as the key ingredient. So unbelievably tasty we each had 3 pieces right after it came off the smoker. YUM.





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