EcoFem Links – November 2018


While the world seems to have lost it’s damn mind in so many ways, this past week there were some things worth celebrating, and it all began with the color BLUE! And along with Democrats regaining the majority in the House of representatives, the number of women in the House in 2019 will have grown from 19% to 23%, including our first two Native American women as well as our first two Muslim women. The numbers may not be anywhere near our goal of true equity, but they ARE improving and we celebrate these gains. Women ARE running for office in greater numbers and that gives me great hope for the future.

BUT…we still have a massive problem with our antiquated Electoral College that ensures that not every vote counts (in fact, NPR did an analysis showing that someone could technically win the Presidency with as little as 23% of the popular vote). So far, 12 states have signed into law the National Popular Vote Compact, which would give 100% of their electoral college votes to the winner of the national popular vote – BUT it only will be enacted if the total number of states who pass it have the minimum of at least 270 electoral votes to form a majority. So we’re not there yet. SO – Oregon has NOT passed this yet – click HERE to find out A) what your state’s status is, and B) how to contact your state legislator (form letter provided!). Your geography should not determine your voting power. Ever.

In the meantime, here’s some shout outs on some incredible women I’ve been reading and watching and listening to…

  • Most travel food shows are about white male discovery. And most home cooking shows are about white female domesticity. ” Ain’t that the truth. My husband and I marathon-watched Salt Fat Acid Heat this past week and let’s just say that the spectacular Samin Nosrat instantly became my latest She-ro. She’s funny, she’s a great teacher, she’s genuine, and AMEN! that she leaves behind the prim and proper perfection of Martha Stewart (bless her heart for eventually teaming up with Snoop, but the Martha-insecurity of the 1990’s stayed with me for a long time…) and the oh-my-god-it’s-all-about-me braggadocio of Anthony Bourdain (yes, yes, RIP…but y’all, that the guy was always so fucking full of himself on his shows).
  • And close to home, I LOVED reading about the success of the most recent Girls Build Camp right here in my county. Being a longtime fan of (and donor) of Oregon Tradeswomen, I had wondered if there were opportunities like this out on the North Coast. And it really is what spurred me to reach out and make some connections here in tech to ensure that there is representation as new projects come along to my neck of the woods (it ain’t just the Silicon Forest here in Oregon…).
  • And while the topic of miscarriage and infertility in the media is most often surrounding women who went on to have children, I still thank Michelle Obama for talking about her own experiences with IVF and pregnancy loss. Sadly, the media still portrayed it as the natural solution to infertility which us infertiles know is so untrue.  But I can’t wait to read her new book.

And just because…here’s something to play real, real loud…



2 thoughts on “EcoFem Links – November 2018

  1. Even though my state went red with their choice of a governor, the Democrats gaining back control of the House gives me much more hope.

    Also, a big thanks to Michelle Obama for sharing her infertility story. That gives me hope too.



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