Week in Pictures

Talk about a first for me! I’ve never worked with bricks/masonry, and so I had to look it up online how to remove bricks for the awful pink brick hearth. Now don’t worry, we are NOT planning to eliminate a wood stove from our future! We simply want to start from as much scratch as possible, as the situation we inherited was, well, not good. The stove that came with the house was not DEQ-certified (we donated it to someone) and a chimney sweep showed it was in pretty bad shape, meaning if we want fire we need a new flue and more – a big ticket job that’s been relegated to Fall 2019. The hearth had SO many cracks in the bricks, and one just pulled out by itself, so I spent $30 on a chisel and seriously badass steel mallet and went gangbusters. Now the floor portion is essential (plus the wood floor was put in AROUND it, so it’d be a clusterfuck to patch), so we’re going to contemplate if we want to cover it up with something more modern (tiles?), or paint it (neither of us are keen on pink bricks) so it’s code yet doesn’t look like – as my honey says – a dog’s breakfast. As a number of wood stoves come with heat shields that reduce the clearance needed from the wall, I’m stoked…well, I will be in, like, a year.

And after this summer initially painting the living room white to cover up the grody paint that had apparently thrown up ecru in every room (on textured walls, no less – even the trim!), we realized yeah, it looks like a hospital. First I committed the cardinal sin of not testing a paint color out and doing the entire room with a swatch that I swear to god was slate blue but turned out periwinkle-to-the-point-of-little-girl-room-purple when it dried, and so finally I asked my husband if he’d be okay with my repainting it…the same color as our living room in Portland (which, ironically, I’d copied from my living room in Santa Barbara where I spent 3 years). He said hell yeah, and so that is done and I finally feel like our living room has a future. Sure we have no furniture beyond 2 Ikea chairs, but it’s a start. Blue makes me happy 🙂 Along with that, the dining room floor that had been coated in a clear GLOSSY coat was driving me up the fucking wall and since we’d did the remodel, all I could think was, why not extend the painted floor into the dining area (since without it, it still created a bit of border between rooms, which I don’t want), so we both took turns – I painted, Dan topcoated – getting the dining area floor prettied up. Never thought I’d paint my floors but damn, I like it. Now if we only had a dining room table – and a rug, and….

shrimp soba pork broth

Amen for the most delicious pork broth EVER! After I made a huge vat of broth from the bones of the barrow pig we’d butchered, my husband made this gorgeous shrimp and pork and veggie soba noodle brothy extravaganza of a soup for us for dinner. My eyes about rolled in the back of my head it was so good!

Today is Election Day. Don’t be an asshat – vote for candidates who don’t support the policies and actions of the Rapist/Racist in Chief. This is too goddamn important, people. Fight for what is right – a society where we all look after each other, not one driven by hate and greed. This is personal. Take it seriously.


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