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It’s been in the low 70’s all week so I had to switch gears from the umpteen house remodeling projects we’re working on to the outdoors where I swear, I PROMISE that there will be a huge-ass garden in 2019. One of the major decisions was figuring out how big to make it, whether to enclose it, and how to enclose it, and putting our Long Term Hats on, it meant we definitely needed to enclose it. Wanting to put the small(er) pasture to use for the garden AND other things (i.e., future livestock who won’t get the privilege of eating all our veggies from the new huge-ass garden!), while still ensuring a path to the barn…these were the major deciding points! So Dan pulled out the horizontal slats on the arena (because never can I ever imagine needing a massive sand arena), opening that up to the small pasture and allowing me to cut the cedar into 5′ posts for the garden. Fortunately we had the exact amount of quikrete left in the barn to bury these buggers nice and deep (amen for the existence tool rental stores where $50 to use their 2-person auger for a day made quick work of 12″ holes!). Exhausting work for just me (I did it while Dan was at work so keeping them perfectly level was not a goal, so thank goodness that stuff sets in 20 minutes!) but well worth it. Next? Figuring out if we want to use hog paneling or what for in between those posts, and of course building the raised beds because digging into the horse-hardened ground is just not an option (nor is my back wanting to deal with stooping like that!).

Anyhow, here are a bunch of interesting links I’ve been saving up to share…

  • Why Tech Support Sucks – being that I work in tech, and come from a customer-obsessed foundation in my career, I have little patience for shitty service…and little patience for companies who don’t care enough about service to empower their customer service teams!
  • What To Do With All That Whey – totally switching gears, I do love the occasional foray into cheesemaking (but hate that I cannot find a local source of raw milk out here on the North Coast!! I tried making mozzarella from the least-pasteurized form of milk, Bennett’s, and it still didn’t get past looking/tasting like mozz-flavored ricotta…sigh…), but after our ducks had ZERO interest in the whey (they are picky eaters), I found this and am stoked as it will totally go into pancakes, bread, etc. now. Wheeee!
  • Roxane Gay and I hoped the same: we both Thought Men Might Do Better Than This – I’ve had a sick pit in my stomach since November 2016 that after last week has become a swirling mess. The sheer masses of people who supported this sick SOB for Supreme Court (and gals, we all knew these guys in high school who pulled this crap and then people would say “oh this accusation is going to ruin his college football/law school/career aspirations” or “boys do this all the time, get over it” kind of stuff and it just continued to push girls and women down. I heard a women defending him and mocking Ford for saying she had PTSD because in her mind, what men go through in the military is so much worse that she has no right to complain. All our lives we are told that men’s suffering is worse than ours- maybe because men are raised not to share their emotions and women are expected to be emotional, maybe because the fucking military is seen as some holier-than-thou role even though it’s a job people VOLUNTEER for and rarely has a fucking thing to do with “protecting our freedom” (when war has ALWAYS been more about economics than anything humane or righteous). She was clearly so very much drinking the Kool-Aid because she was most likely told from a young age that her feelings were not as important as men’s, that we’re supposed to grin and bear it while they shit all over us. I call bullshit on that. I remember when both my mother and half-sister – both who didn’t do shit when I was molested, and welcomed the molester back into their homes years later – both at different times had the nerve to tell me as an adult that I shouldn’t be mad and/or that I should forgive because “they were molested as well and got over it”. First, they said these things without my ever KNOWING of these events (one by my mother’s sister’s boyfriend, and now my half-sister has said that something “happened” between her and my half-brother…but hasn’t told me what it was), and second, who the fuck tells their kid to get over the fact that they were molested? Seriously fucked up land we live in – and the irony is, I remember my mother simultaneously saying during my youth that child molesters should get their balls cut off. Guess she made exceptions for that rule! I could go on, but there’s more shit to share…
  • Climate Change Report: We’re Fucked. And in the meantime, the shithead in DC wants to force us here on the West Coast (who have all voted time and again to keep coal and LNG trains out of here) to do coal and LNG exports via military bases, ignoring the will of the people here who have expressed over and over again that this is NOT okay. VOTE DEMOCRAT ON ELECTION DAY. This is not the Republican party of decades past (i.e.Tom McCall, who protected the environment here in Oregon in the 70s). And make SURE everyone you know is registered and planning to vote – too many of us assume others are voting just because we are, yet barely over half of our citizens vote.
  • “Take as many deep breaths as you need, open your mouth, and speak your truth.” Managing Menopausal Rage isn’t about telling us to settle down and take a pill, it talks about CHANNELING those hormonal fluctuations. Dr Christiane Northrup talked about how getting into our 40’s and older was all about opening our eyes and no longer hiding from our feelings and being braver than we ever were in our youth, and I see that more clearly every day. Freaks a lot of folks out when they’re not used to you expressing your truths, but you know what? Fuck ’em if they can’t get over it. You be you. Check out the Genneve Blog for more killer posts on the various things that occur in our evolution as women entering this chapter. As I told my husband the other day, I may not have the smokin’ hot bod I had in my 20’s but I definitely am happy to have the mental I have now in my 40’s. Dang, that reminds me, I’m turning 45 in 3 months. Holy moly.

Now, because I’ve expressed a lot, it’s time to sing loudly…


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