Week in Pictures


With a view like this, who wouldn’t want to mow? We are still LOVING our new electric mower – no gas, bay-bee!

Nothing like a quick getaway over to the beach at Fort Stevens State Park this past day off – windy and gorgeously sunny! October is the best!!!

And of course, what is a week without some evidence of remodeling? As you can see from the listing photo on the top left, the Chiffon And Country Oak Master Bedroom With Gross Green Cat-Pee-Soaked Carpet (the latter being the probable cause of my asthmatic bronchitis I developed within days of sleeping in that room) motif had to go. So my goal is by my birthday (January) we can actually live in this huge room rather than the much smaller bedroom we’ve set aside for our little one should, years later, we ever get selected by a birth mother. So the first step is of course completely gutting it! During the first week we moved here we removed that godawful ceiling fan perched literally feet from one’s head if they sat up in bed and donated it to the Rebuilding Center, and within weeks my husband had pulled out the carpeting (which is currently killing grass in our future garden as seen HERE), and parts of the particleboard subfloor (yes, particleboard, so brilliant of the past owner(s) to install instead of plywood) that was also stained with cat pee (it went very, very deep, it’s so gross) which allowed our electrician to properly update our electrical for the kitchen ceiling directly below. So the next step was this week for me to demolish the weird half-wall and “closet” directly in the middle of the room. Yeah so instead of having a huge master bedroom, they cut it in half and put a tiny closet and half wall – WTF! Part drywall, part particleboard, part screwed-in, part nailed-in, with some unhappily displaced spiders to boot, it’s now gone and this week the husband will help me cut out the framing so we can open this room up all the way. Next up he’ll remove the rest of the nasty stained particleboard and replace it with plywood (which we are bringing up by sliding it up two 2×6’s to the upstairs deck – super fun job), so that we can then install some gorgeous reclaimed hardwood flooring (assuming I get the remainder of the five-digit tear-off-roof replacement project bill paid in full by then, heh…). And of course then there’s covering up the old skylights with drywall, and remodeling the master bath, and…. yeah a ton!  So y’all, DIY may be exhausting but it sure is cheaper – so far the bill for this room? Zero.


And by far the best bacon that’s come out of the Levens home is this newest savory version, inspired by a Saveur recipe I found and tweaked slightly (substituted pink salt for the kosher in the recipe, with fresh rosemary and thyme instead of dried versions, then put on the smoker instead of in the oven). Hot damn this is good! While I did that (thanks to the good folks at Gulley’s Butcher who is the only place to get good meat from in this neck of the woods!), husband is working on his pancetta that is going to be rad…(but takes a helluva lot longer for results – bacon only takes a week!). Yummers.

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