Healing: day 6 (healing)

That’s us today, still healing. I know we’re healing as we watched Private Life on Netflix last night and I didn’t have a massive breakdown. Then again the topic was infertility without pregnancy loss. The other night I watched the This is Us episode on miscarriage from last season and while it hit on the emotions, it addressed pregnancy loss in a very stereotypical way – the woman suddenly having massive pain and looking down and seeing blood and them flashing to the hospital where they tell her she has lost her baby. We don’t all lose our babies that way, and kind of like the stereotypical picture of a woman screaming and giving birth and telling her husband she hates him during it in the movies, they do viewers a great disservice and only portraying pregnancy loss in one way. But like I said, in little ways I’m healing. But in many ways I am still where I’ve always been.

But were still standing.

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2 thoughts on “Healing: day 6 (healing)

  1. That sort of MC would have been a little better than the one I had maybe where nothing happened outside my body so I just assumed everything was fine inside. I’m sure it’s done on TV for dramatic effect but you’re right it isn’t at all an accurate representation of MC. Please take care.


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