Week in Pictures


With our big-ass kitchen work table fully completed, baking is afoot! And with last week’s chill and rain, it meant that homemade gingersnaps were a requirement! Two pieces of advice on making these: 1) Take them out of the oven a minute before they look done, which ensures they are chewy instead of crunchy, and 2) Eat four immediately, save two for the next day, and pack the rest up and give them to your husband to bring to work so you don’t finish all two dozen at home by yourself!

Since the first words out of his mouth were “don’t you put this picture of me on your blog!” it is cropped so you can get the basic picture of what it’s like for someone to install ceiling tiles in the kitchen AFTER appliances are in and AFTER the floor has been painted (meaning, not a damn thing is going to be moved over that floor, y’all). Husband being the skinny one got the job of climbing onto the fridge, over the countertops-in-progress, and up the ladder, while I was the one applying the glue and trying to maintain my zen. As you can see on the left? No more crappy, holey, multi-colored, half-textured/half-smooth ceiling for this kitchen!  The caulking of the tiles is in progress, the pendant lights are all in, the island is fully completed, and yet there is so much more to do…but damn! I’m pretty stoked to be getting further and further away from the Circa 1983 Kitchen that was here at the start. Next up: install the sink, the dishwasher, the stainless backsplash to the stove, and of course build and install the open shelving. But yeah, it looks like it just may be a kitchen, yo.  And yes – oh yes – there will be a mega Before and After blog post coming up next week as we FINALLY see the light at the end of the DIY kitchen tunnel.


Now this photo is a stinker since it was on my cell phone taken from our front door, but did anyone else see the AMAZING harvest moon the other night? It was like ‘fake huge’ it was so crazy big and bright in the sky! Just sayin’…


Fuck you, Lindsey Graham. Fuck you, Chuck Grassley.


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