yay! one of the hibiscus plants that was abandoned by the seller in the hot house has been planted and blooming! this is one ray of light in an often bleak world…

Yes it’s been a while, but – not so shockingly – I still have opinions to share and stuff I’m reading that I figure are important enough to mention every once in a while! There’s some serious shit going on in the world as we all know that no “thoughts and prayers” are going to change. And by the way, if you’re going to take a knee, you damn well also better be voting because this shit going on is REAL and no goddamn hashtag is going to make a difference (yes I’m talking about those worshipping Colin K who thinks he’s making a bigger statement by taking a knee than registering to vote. give me fucking break. you don’t vote? shut the fuck up…did you know only 20% of young people eligible to vote actually went to the polls in 2016? yeah, shut the fuck up to those who could have but chose not to. and if you can? fight like hell to make sure voting rights are improved -not taken away – and accessibility is increased, not decreased…and while I’m at it, why the fuck doesn’t every state simply do vote by mail and motor-voter-registration and online registration to vote like we do in Oregon? Oh and did you know that the states with the HIGHEST voter turnout don’t even crack 75% at the polls, while in my husband’s home country of Australia the numbers have NEVER dropped below 91%.

So anyhoo.

So, today’s post is full of articles which most, just in their title, say it all…but you should still read them and learn and…yep…share and then…yep…do something.

So because of all this? While we watch the leaders in North and South Carolina tell citizens that they’re “out of luck” if they don’t evacuate, rather than getting them OUT whether they like it or not…and getting them all to a safe place? It’s all too fucking reminiscent of Katrina.  And meanwhile the Fuckup-In-Chief lies his ass off about Puerto Rico, shitting all over these American citizens. NOW LET’S GET IN FORMATION – VOTE.


4 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I got interviewed by a writer at Mother Jones today, because I had answered a call for people who were voting in their 1st midterms ever. I will be voting every chance I get now that I’m not disenfranchised anymore. It. Is. My. Obligation.

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    1. Woo hoo!!!!! I’m always baffled at how any kind of criminal record could possibly take away someone’s right to vote. So twisted…glad you were able to get through to vote finally!! my husband always talks about how they have big barbecues on celebration on Election Day in Australia…can you imagine if our country celebrated like that for the right to vote?


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