Week in Pictures

A much needed escape from DIY-land to the beach. While we did a quick trip to Short Sands to spread Ruby’s ashes, this was our first actual beach time since moving here where we could just get our feet wet, wander down the sand and…exhale.

Water savings in play! I’d bought three dual flush toilets from Home Depot for $99 apiece back in Portland preparing for the move, and we’re finally in the process of getting them installed. Dan’s first installation in the main floor bathroom went beautifully and along with the water savings they look a helluva lot better than the faux brown wooden-lidded ones that were in there before! Of course now we’re realizing that when it’s time to rip out the gnarly linoleum they’ll have to come back up…

Kitchen is now officially gutted! Amen to the nice family who responded to our Craigslist ad and gave us $100 (and spent 4.5 hours here yesterday) to dismantle and take our base cabinets and granite countertops, including the island. Woo hoo! So now I sit here and type while the drywall is being completely replaced as there was a hella mess (yes, including a -thankfully empty- quart of 3.8 milk hanging out of the top of the wall and multiple empty cans of cheap beer and soda – what the fuck people???!!!). My lungs are truly fucked sleeping in this house.

Monday was a crazy one, as I had appointments in Portland, from mega recycling dropoffs (six bags of block styrofoam – full from new lighting, new toilets, and crap-left-in-garage-by-seller..ugh!), my annual breast thermography, donations of more house stuff to The Rebuilding Center, lunch with a colleague, a trip to Ikea (which confirmed there’s no way in fuckall we’ll get their cheap-ass MDF cabinets that feel like plastic and look even weaker), and the best, a successful trip to SalvageWorks for 2x12s that will become our kitchen workbench and island…wheee!



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