Before and After: Guest Bedroom


BEFORE: The guest bedroom was actually the least obnoxious room in the house. Originally I had referred to it as either “the white room” (you know how the seller was obsessed with shades of ecru and cream everywhere else) or “the normal room” (because the other two upstairs bedrooms have slanted ceilings and skylights). That being said, lacy chiffon curtains are OUT and with my love of blue, rather than the living room as I’ve had for the past two homes (Portland and before that, the home I rented in Santa Barbara), I decided to make the guest bedroom our official Blue Room…


AFTER: While I haven’t finished with the decor on all sides of the room, I thought it was enough to at least show you the difference blues and colors make! In the first photo, you can see the room has a “nook” of sorts and so I used it to place this gorgeous antique dresser that the seller bequeathed to us that used to be her grandfather’s (fyi she also tried to ‘bequeath’ her motel-style-wall-mounted-TV, 1970s master bedroom set and more, this and the hose reel in the barn were the only things we said yes to). With the blue I decided to take full advantage of my collection of Portland artist Tamara Adams’ work along with using the gorgeous indigo dyed coverlet bought up on Vashon Island when visiting Dan this past Spring. More pieces to come of course (and yeah, the pillowcases were purple so I hid them for the photo, hahaha….) but it’s a good start and feels good to walk in here now. Muchas gracias to my husband for doing the second coat of paint (I’m the gal who does the messy first coat, he comes in with the final coat and makes it look like it’s supposed to, woo hoo!).




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