Sentimental, Part Three

Going out to my garden is so bittersweet, remembering how many evolutions it has been through, how many evolutions *I* have been through over the past 12 years.

Clockwise from top left: the third version of raised beds (where we were urban farming at its finest – but I realized I wanted more of a potager feel (mixing flowers with veggies) not to mention taller beds, so that lasted one year), my first version of raised beds (done all on my own with a rented pick up to haul the cinder blocks, digging up the area around it for a path, totally backbreaking stuff I can’t imagine doing now post-disc-injury!), my first garden ever (“driveway garden”) with Ikea planters, my husband carving our initials in our eucalyptus tree, proudly showing off my first red pepper grown, our sweet girl Ruby posing in front of our garden and newly built clothesline, my hand-painted, DIY rainbarrel and our ducks who like to drink the overflow!, Dan’s first visit to see me in America and clearly looking like a city boy, and finally, my first outdoor canning setup (because anyone who cans knows that things tend to ripen and need canning on the hottest days of the year!).

It’s all part of who I am, these places I have come from.

And there is so much ahead where we are going….

Breathe, Aimee, just breathe.


One thought on “Sentimental, Part Three

  1. Just breathe. Yes, this is emotional; just as making new memories tied to the new place is going to be a big, exciting adventurešŸ¤—

    (Totally not trying to tell you not to be emotional over leaving the home that you have created, just trying to give you something else to think about in case you need the distractionšŸ˜‰)


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