Continuing my walk down memory lane, I remember my very first DIY trellis, made from the branches of a holly tree cut down in my yard, jammed into the ground and attached with household string. Sure enough it worked, and sure enough, I realized at the time that THIS many green beans weren’t my jam. I’ve evolved since then on the green bean issue, and shall be growing them once again in the country.

While the Republicans have their asses so far up the head of the Orange Dictator Wannabe that they remain mute to the massive human rights violations all around us and the world we live in, I thought I’d share some things that have nothing to do with those assholes. (PS – vote, or shut the fuck up.)

And anyone who’s been watching The Handmaid’s Tale can attest to the kick ass diverse soundtrack, including this beauty from 1977. Now turn it up, dammit!


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