I cannot WAIT to tear this kitchen up! Nice shape but those upper cabinets are coming out, those ugly-arse countertops are going, and black & vanilla appliances? Um bub-bye…

  • Life gets better as you get on in years? Yes please, I’ll take it!
  • Europe again leading the way with environmental protection, while a dipshit in our community’s Nextdoor page bitch about why dirty diapers can’t be thrown in the recycling and that cloth diapers would mean she’d have “less time with her babies”. I’m serious, I read this this morning.
  • Don’t understand what recruiters like me go through ? Here’s a peek…
  • France’s leader is another bullshit faux feminist – read here why.
  • Whether you have to deliver bad news or you feel like a client is being a pest, take a step back and put yourself in their shoes.” Exactly. So, agents, stop telling your clients to “chill” or “breathe”. We’ll relax when we have a fucking house confirmed in every way and our current fucking house that we love so dearly has sold…that you are getting paid for. Mic drop.
  • Oh my GAWD, did you know you can freeze duck eggs? Hot damn. I’m so going to be doing that while our gals keep giving us 2.5 dozen eggs a week! Right now we’re doing some trades with neighbors for veggies, but this rocks – especially when they slow down in wintertime!

And as I leave you, whether you are driving or biking or hiking, in the garden or in the kitchen or working on something in the garage or hunched behind a computer, let’s groove a bit, shall we?


One thought on “Eco-licious

  1. I wonder how my grand/parents coped with spending time with me and washing my nappies (diapers). We live in such a disposable world 😦


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