So much going on in my brain right now! One piece of it all (beyond all of the logistics like paperwork, inspections, getting our house on the market this week and, of course, the financials) that we’re obsessing over is figuring out where the ducks, bees, clothesline and garden will be. While we’re not going to be planting anything, our quacking quartet will need to immediately have a home ready for them (we have to build a new coop as the one here is being sold with the house as it would have to be completely disassembled, piece by piece , so the few weekends between closing of the new house and closing of our own home’s sale will be all about making a home…for the ducks 🙂

  • America’s first Native American governor? About damn time! It will be interesting to see this fall how and if our country evolves out of the Shitstorm of 2016 and votes more women and people of color into leadership roles – not to mention getting rid of the sexual predators beyond the ones in Hollywood…
  • “I don’t assume everyone else knows better than me, because experience has taught me I invariably know better than the men who patronise me.” Welcome to one of the great things we (hopefully) as women start to discover in our 40’s, Hadley Freeman!
  • And speaking of badass women, check out fellow blogger Bamberlamb’s brutally honest, powerful post on her own journey through infertility and miscarriage. I couldn’t have said it better myself, when I read her reality check that “What IVF clinics don’t prepare consumers (not patients) for is that most treatments end in failure and many resulting pregnancies fail for a variety of reasons, mine was miscarriage. But don’t despair – this isn’t seen as a negative, no! Indeed, it was put to me my miscarriage was a success, because I got pregnant! Heaven forbid I should be devastated, after all it’s proof that it could work for me, is what I got told. No room for tears or sadness or grieving, on with the next embryo transfer ASAP! No mention of being mentally prepared for the possibility that I may be dealing with another miscarriage, a pregnancy loss, or treatment failure.” Yes, I need to write up and share my story in full with this but in the meantime, read her story and check out her blog.
  • Recently I noticed another fucking idiot using his status as a “father of daughters” to imply that he had a greater understanding of and a greater stake in the future of women, and therefore could empathize with what women went through more than those who didn’t. So, thank you to Reductress for calling that shit out.
  • Now for some great news, check out the Grist 50 for 2018, bringing attention to some of the many superheroes out there, fighting the good fight for our planet and, by that, its inhabitants.
  • And to bitch once again this time, on a personal note, the sourdough starter that a fellow blogger sent us, which had mixed success in our house depending on what recipe we followed, well it died in our fridge after being ignored for a month or so, never to be revived again. So when I read about a 120 year old sourdough starter, I sigh in jealousy. Husband loves sourdough, but I’m afraid after the vast number of fails by each of us means that storebought yeast is our – ahem – bread & butter.

So with that,  let’s boogie. Or shall I say, shake it like a Polaroid pitcha….


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