Impatient for our house to come up, but loving watching our late spring flowers give us their final show… here are some things I’ve been reading I thought I’d share (and of course, something to boogie to at the end…):

  • Life better once I hit 50, they claim? Six years to go, I’ll tell you if that’s true when I get there as I could sure use some good news, y’all…
  • I’d like to see this same penalty in the US for child rapists…including Trump.
  • What a trip – if only we could put a microphone to them and hear what plants are saying to each other.
  • This article 12 years ago called out this creepy piece of garbage. Let’s hope he rots in jail and gets what he deserves.
  • Want to know why I don’t read the New York Times or quote them anymore? Ross Douthat. Hiring a misogynist sonofabitch like him to be a columnist and staining the entire publication through that.
  • An entire supermarket free of plastic. One thing worth celebrating this week.

And going a bit old school for today’s happy song, here’s one of my favorite dance-around-the-kitchen songs, y’all…


3 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. Well, that article about life getting better after 50 explains some of what I’ve been feeling the last couple of years. 50 is almost here so I’m hoping it holds true for me too!

    And a plastic free supermarket would be my dream place to shop. I doubt I’ll see one in my area anytime soon. Because Texas.


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