Eco-licious: the Danny Seo Rocks edition


Last week on Earth Day, as some may have noticed, I was a bit distracted with the significance of the day in less Earthy ways, so today I want to dedicate my Eco-licious post to one of my favorite magazines, Naturally, Danny Seo. Their tagline is “where style meets sustainability” and is FINALLY filling the long lonely void where my once favorite eco-zine, Rodale’s long-deceased Organic Style, once brightened my mailbox. Sadly, Seo’s publication is only quarterly, but it’s always one of the publications that, by the end of my reading, ends up being dog-eared like crazy (I like to tear out articles in order to either store them in my home or garden binders, OR turn into “to-do’s” before I chuck them in the recycle bin). In the current edition, 101 All Star Tricks & Tips definitely takes the cake with eco-tips that go beyond the incredibly tired “bring a bag to the grocery store” and “turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth” tips that we all know. Many of these go next-level, and there were enough tips that I started circling as either reminders or brand new tips that I wanted to share them with y’all.

So, with that, here are 7 of Danny’s tips that I found to be especially rad…

  • Did you know that your beloved fleece is bad for the water supply? Fleece, as you may not realize, is made from polyester, and polyester is a form of PLASTIC. So…when you toss that fleece pullover into the wash? Tons of those particles go down the drain and then, into our water supply where fish and other creatures ingest it. And yup, same goes for fleece made from recycled plastic. And any other microfiber (acrylic is another example). What to do beyond not buying any more synthetic materials like fleece? Wash your existing fleece less, that’s about it.
  • Did you know you can save printer ink by simply choosing a different font? Arial is an ink guzzler, it turns out. Trade Arial for Calibri, Garamond, Times New Roman, or Century Gothic and save up to 27% of your ink! And along with being more eco-friendly (yes, this adds up), it’s also financially friendly.
  • Did you know you can DIY chalkboard paint? Turns out just ad a few tablespoons of powdered grout from the hardware store to your latex paint (make sure it’s zero VOC, y’all…) and VOILA!
  • Did you know you can use leftover pickle juice to kill weeds? I make a crapton of pickles each year from the garden and am not one of those folks who enjoys a shotglass o’ juice that’s become a bit trendier than I ever could have imagined. So this is cool.
  • Did you know that you can give 2 aspirin to houseplants that are suffering? Turns out it helps boost their immune systems. Dang that is cool.

Alright y’all, that’s it for me this week. Weather is cooled down – yayyyyy!

PS – Look for a special Piggie Post from the husband next week (vegans and vegetarians will probably want to avoid that one)…



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