Real estate agent said we needed to “add some light” to our dark blue walls and suggested I go out and buy a print. Naw. Downloaded one of my photos taken during our trip to Giverny, France, back in 2015 and had a 24×36″ printed for $12.99 and put in a $15 frame. Bam! Pretty 🙂

This week – lots of shit hitting the fan, lots to call out, and of course, some music to slink around to at the end…

  • Be on guard for unnecessarily-gendered terms (hysterical, shrill, “man up”, “grow a pair”, ballsy). Notice how those examples are all predicated on the assumption that acting like a man is inherently good, and acting like a woman is inherently bad? Gotta love this blog post it’s found in, Ways Men in Tech are Unintentionally Sexist. Not just men in tech, though, and not always unintentional – yes, as a woman in tech I’ve heard a lot of this shit but dang, so have my cohorts in finance, retail, healthcare, and so many other industries.
  • Proudly diverse Australia“? Are you fucking serious? My husband knows my catchphrase very well as to why I’d never live there. It is seriously no better than the US, and in my opinion much more overt in its racism, or as I say, “Australia is a cross between Europe and Alabama”. I clearly remember the matter-of-fact way my WWOOF host said around the dinner table that most of her friends are racist. I clearly remember how my husband’s (now former) friend said nothing as her boyfriend made racist comments at the dinner table when visiting us. I clearly remember going to the Aboriginal History Museum in Melbourne and listening to Paul Keating’s famous speech – then earlier this year reading how he has defended known racist Donald Trump. I clearly remember reading about the Stolen Generations and the White Australia immigration policy and the many stories about sports “fans” referring to players of color as “apes”…and even this week’s SBS article that states “48.6% believe people from racial, ethnic, cultural and religious minorities groups should behave more like mainstream Australians”. Pride in diversity is one that should indicate a lack of racism, when Australia is just as, if not worse than, the United States when it comes to racism, equity, and white privilege.
  • And on a totally different note, the fabulous Cecile Richards answers the Proust Questionnaire. Love her. LOVE her.
  • When I made the mistake in assuming there were more males than females in a beehive, my husband sent me Science Questions from 5th Graders. Miss Tracy, you rock! I wish you’d kept going with this blog because it’s not just tweens who can dig it!
  • While my husband may be an employee, we are no longer buying chicken from New Seasons Market. Why? Because they no longer are selling sustainably-raised Northwest chicken! They dropped the fabulous folks at Draper Valley Farms and in a really creepy business decision have decide to sell – I shit you not – what’s called “Smart Chicken” out of NEBRASKA. Yeah seriously, what, the, fuck. Well, considering they hired the same union-busting company that Donald Trump used for his Vegas hotels, I guess it’s not surprising that they’re not really sticking to their values anymore.
  • Finally, on a good note, an ode to delicious and healthy food with a Hippie Bowl recipe inspired by what I consider to be one of the best vegan places in Portland, Prasad. Yummers. Now THAT is good for the soul.

Oh yeah…and a favorite song of mine…

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