Thank you, Dr. King. Your inspiration continues to this day, 50 years after we lost you, and we will never give up hope for a better tomorrow.

It’s a big day. Read this.

And on other topics…

  • Where once she was edgy and provocative, she is now absurd and offensive. Her views are muddled and incoherent. She is more invested in banal and shallow provocation than engaging with sociopolitical issues in a thoughtful manner.” – Roxane Gay on Roseanne Barr in the New York Times. My husband and I were eager to watch the reboot of Roseanne that aired this week. And while much of the world argued about her support of #45, I was looking forward to seeing a great dialogue between her and Jackie on their beliefs, seeing where the intersections were, and of course, great comedy. But sadly, I found it to be some of the worst acting on television. You know when they’d do those old Brady Bunch reunion shows and it was clear few of them had acted since the show went off the air decades earlier? Same thing. It was like an awkward run-through of the script, caught on tape. And don’t get me started about the insane bullshit storyline of 43-year-old Becky claiming she was getting paid $50,000 to be a surrogate AND and egg donor…y’all KNOW that this is not how the system works and my offense taken at that was way more frustrating than Roseanne’s character mumbling incoherently about #45 or the stereotyping of Jackie wearing the pussy hat 1.5 years post-election. Hell, most of us have a family member with completely different political beliefs – as for me, my once marching feminist mother ended up marrying my card-carrying, NRA-representing, carried-his-gun-in-his-waistband stepfather and while in the beginning they both seemed to nudge towards the middle (she claimed to be an Independent, and she still worked), as the years went on I noticed the support of the white, anti-feminist, anti-diversity, hate-filled rhetoric that she in her younger years would have been horrified by. Where once she was giving me a permission slip to skip class to protest the Persian Gulf War, years later she was now proudly telling me how they had finally bought a TV – why? “So we can watch O’Reilly.” She eagerly told me in 2008 how she “really likes that Sarah Palin” and I knew the tides had permanently turned when she had no interest in listening to my perspective or reminders of her feminist past. Hell, my father’s family used to mock her behind her back for being a “bra burner” and for suggesting my Catholic aunt consider abortion when she got knocked up in high school. And years later, when her husband died, I found books of hate on her shelf, from O’Reilly to Glenn Beck and more. There was no middle ground, and my husband noticed she was meek when it came to her Fox-News-defined political views, rather than defining the WHY in an articulate way. I always had thought his death would revive the purple-wearing-feminist I knew was inside her. And instead I saw her bury her head in the sand even further, giving up her claims that she would go live abroad after he passed and instead making xenophobic comments about countries in Europe. Am I surprised at Roseanne’s attitudes? Sadly, no. Was I surprised at how bad the reboot of her show was? Hell yeah. It was tired and poorly acted and desperate. I didn’t give two shits about most of the poorly-written script – this wasn’t the comedy genius of All in the Family like they could have made it – she’s no Archie Bunker, not even close. And don’t get me started about them mocking Darlene’s gender-fluid son or completely ignoring DJ’s black daughter who seems to have been included as a token compared to the other children. Bad script, bad acting. And WTF is with John Goodman’s hair?
  • Speaking of art imitating life and vice versa, when I was young my mother had a copy of The Population Bomb on her bookshelf (see? not exactly a woman of no opinions back in the 60’s & 70’s…there used to be some really intriguing intellectual stuff on her shelves), check out the discussion with the book’s co-author Paul Ehrlich about the “near certainty” of mass extinction of the human species within the century. It’s pretty grounding if you ask me.
  • And while I’m on perky topics, the other night we were watching public television and came across the documentary Into the Night, with portraits of life and death, with one in particular about a woman who works in a crematorium and it really rattled me seeing the actual process. The part of me that was always for the most space saving way to go, cremation, is now considering an eco-burial (think Nate in Six Feet Under being buried in a shroud…”No caskets, no toxic chemicals to leach into the soil. I just know that when I die, please wrap me in a shroud, plant me next to a beautiful tree so that nobody can build a mini mall there.“) and this new MNN article has some great new updates about the options for after we pass on, from composting to coral reefs and so much more.  Me? Take me out to Short Sands amongst the trees where my Daisy’s ashes were spread, where my husband and I said our vows, where I can breathe…
  • And so after all these intense topics, I will end with something pretty damn funny: the other day I was doing a coaching session with a Finnish client and at the end somehow the conversation came around to curse words and he taught me several from his native land, so with that: Finnish swearwords – a list of profanities you shouldn’t know. The video at the end is the BEST.

2 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. There was a Finnish exchange student at my high school who taught us to swear in Finnish (because he got told he couldn’t call the football coach a bastard in class) he🤣🤣🤣


  2. Yikes. And wow. And yikes again. I read those articles and was also floored. And sad.

    Also, I might go for a shroud burial on our farm somewhere. I always thought I’d go for cremation, too, but I find myself more drawn to the thought of actually returning to the earth. But without the silk-lined, mahogany casket.

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