Seriously impressive writing in this month’s issue of Hipfish. Many great pieces but I was especially drawn to Roger Dorband’s piece “Part I = The White Man Cometh” speaking of how the natural resources of the North Oregon Coast and Columbia River areas (and more) were depleted and trashed by white settlers, and the great heritage of our state that is often romanticized in favor of the settlers rather than the indigenous who cared for the environment for thousands of years before much was destroyed. Big sigh.
  • Well, I just went to Next Level Burger for the first timewhere one can enjoy a delicious burger and a to-die-for shake that are all plant-based (and not-“Frankenmeaty” at all). Proof positive that it is entirely possible to be, as they proudly say in Oregon, a fat vegan.
  • “As long as we don’t have any kind of representation of menopause, in all its glory, then it will continue to be seen as a sign that a woman is somehow redundant because she can no longer reproduce. If we were to talk more openly, we would find instead that many women feel liberated, full of energy, able to take on the world, and finally free from the demands of a society that values only youth.” – from a great article in The Guardian about how menopause needs to be both more AND better represented in pop culture.
  • Speaking of The Guardian, this piece by Betty Lyons about protecting Dreamers as a human rights issue rather than a legal discussion is huge. She reminds us of how our countries (and not just the US, y’all) shat all over the indigenous peoples and now “while the US claimed it feared disrupting our non-native neighbors, they would hypocritically deport young Dreamers who have grown up in the US, with no regard for disrupting their lives and families.” We need to call out this truth everywhere, and make sure our elected leaders know how we feel – not to mention how we will vote in November.
  • I no longer have patience for people who drive for Uber or are customers of Uber. If you are an Uber customer, you have agreed that if you are RAPED by a driver that you will give up your rights and settle with them via forced arbitration, and you are saying that it’s OK for them to do this.  If you are a driver, you are complicit with the company that not only has a long history of drivers assaulting passengers all over the world (not surprising, seeing the company’s own long history of disgusting sexual misconduct and harassment at their corporate HQ). “Arbitration clauses have prevented victims of sexual harassment and discrimination from moving forward with lawsuits, allowing companies to avoid public trials, and critics say it makes it easier for serial offenders to keep their jobs and target new victims.” (source)
  • And who knew I’d be supporting legislation by Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul? Well, with this hemp legalization bill they’re co-sponsoring with our badass Senator Ron Wyden, it’s nice to see a bit of evolution.
  • Finally, did you know most of us get it wrong when we think we know how fat leaves our body when we lose weight? Read here to find out the truth. Kinda trippy. Yay science!

PS – do you know who Hollie Cook is? You know, the awesome rock steady gal who’s dad was a Sex Pistol and mum was in Culture Club? Well, I just learned about her…and I now officially adore her. So listen to this y’all while you’re doing whatever you’re doing…


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