Week in Pictures


We can’t get enough of this gorgeous wall mural at Tamale Boy down the street from us – and besides that? It’s bar none the best place in the neighborhood, and THE best Mexican food in town, full stop. One of the places we’ll miss most, for sure.


For Tarot and Tarot-friendly readers, these were my cards picked at the end of my last therapy session (we do something fun often at the end for an additional perspective on the work we’re doing…this is not her modus operandus). This one was 3 cards about motherhood, focusing on past, present, and future (read from Right to Left), with the far right being Prudence reversed (Past), middle being The Emperor (Present), and far left being Swiftness (Future). Pretty interesting considering I started out very organized and grounded in my pursuit of becoming a mother, and now dealing with a lack of control in the whole thing, and finally, hopes for quick decisions and a clear path ahead. Hey, guidance is everywhere, I’ll take it…


Favorite photo of the week.. found on Twitter. So damn true it hurts. Join this weekend’s March for Our Lives events in your area, and more importantly, VOTE. Vote for those who support gun control that goes beyond age limits, who actively support bringing back the assault weapons ban, who close loopholes rather than create them (thank you to our Governor Kate Brown for your recent legislation signed into law closing the ‘boyfriend loophole’) and who hold agencies, armed forces, and sellers LEGALLY accountable for not doing their jobs with background checks.


And a bit of lovely as winter changes to spring at the Sandy River Delta. 60 degrees on the first day of Spring and the people and dogs were all playing hooky and having a grand old time, not to mention the buds on everything, the birds chirping, even the snakes sunning themselves on the paths. These days make it all worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. That’s a gorgeous mural. I miss going just down the street for quality Mexican. I’ve found 2 places here that have decent Mexican but nothing beats home.


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