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There’s not a ton to report in our daily lives. I have been keeping one of those 5 year journals where jot down a sentence or two every day and this is the 4th year of it, so needless to say there is some history building up in it. Normally I just look back on my blog but this particular diary thing is interesting as you can easily see my happiness measured just by how/what I wrote. For example, looking back upon this date in history:

  • 2015: Watching my kiddo blossom in SMART is such a thrill! Our 15 year old neighbor Isaac is helping us with DIY, but the mama in me worries about him as he’s playing basketball in the street when he should be in school.
  • 2016: DEIVF exhaustion from the side effects of Round 3. Eating BBQ.
  • 2017: Acupuncture and chiro sessions. Very hard day for my body and very emotional. DEIVF Round 6 – last day ever on BCP.
  • 2018: Packed up all my jewelry and hardcore winter clothes/boots. This time next year everything will be different…

Boy isn’t that final sentence the truth. This time next year we’ll be in a new town, a new home, and if the stars finally align, finally be parents. I want 2019 in that journal to have There is a house on some acreage that is above our price range that we are quietly keeping our eye on in case they decide to drop the price, as while it’s in the area we love, we are sticking to our financial freedom goal that is more important than ANYTHING. It’s the nice thing about our situation – we don’t HAVE to leave now, we just want to take advantage of the hot market here in P-town if a house we love comes up out on the coast that fits the bill (location, size, feel). But we do intend on being out by summer, no doubt about it.

These are probably the most boring posts for some readers, but for those who are preparing their homes for sale, some of the ideas may be of interest as far as what we’re doing to pretty up, clean up, and even do a bit of “staging”. I’ve decided to start at the bottom – literally, with the following done recently:

  • Fresh coat of paint on the laundry room floor – made a HUGE difference!
  • Did a first run at scrubbing the laundry sink (whew! amen for baking soda and lemon juice!)
  • Washed all four small basement windows inside and out (husband got that privilege) – I don’t think I’ve ever washed them because they’re so awkward to reach – what a difference.
  • Cleaned off the basement storage shelves. They say people want to see that you have space for storage but not your actual stuff. Amen for having a garage to hide everything in in the meantime!
  • Began “staging” the downstairs bedrooms. I got some inexpensive, easily-removable-by-future-owner wall decals for the big bedroom since our own pictures are packed up, bought a bedside lamp at Goodwill for $6, and am trying to decide if the small bedroom will be transformed into a yoga/meditation room or give it (ironically) a nursery vibe with some cheap thrift store &/or free items.
  • Dan washed insides and outsides of all the windows…twice since internet recommendations don’t always result in smear-free views. Bravo.
  • Organized pantry, packed up a lot of the canned jams and pickles that we can’t possibly eat between now and then (and will appreciate later this year in our new digs!), and physically cleaned the shelves. Looks kinda homesteader sexy in there with all those mason jars of honey and salsa and fruits lined up 🙂
  • Removed blackout curtains from the dining room that were for when we were turning that into a nursery and picked up a cheap table runner for the dining room.
  • Went onto Nextdoor and got some free vases donated from neighbors (I already packed ours – this way we can use these…then give them away post-sale!
  • Picked up some cheap white towels to display in the bathroom. Why? I love the idea of white towels but hey, I color my hair and don’t buy chlorine bleach so our dark gray towels are perfect for me, and all the websites recommend “crisp white towels” for the “spa look” in the bathroom.
  • Audited the medicine cabinet. Do I really need six contact lens cases? How long has that rose hip essential oil been in there? They say everything should be cleaned out for an open house so this prep work is vital to make it easy-peasy.
  • Tidying up the duck area outside – wiping down dusty sides of the coop and door into the run, etc.
  • Bought a few cheapo things at Ikea for “staging” – throw pillows (god how I hate throw pillows), wine glasses, table runner, bistro table & chairs, etc. with the proceeds from selling the window A/C (now THAT was a commitment as that sweetheart of a thing saved us in PDX summers…)

See – super exciting. Don’t you wish you were me, all that. We are heading out to the coast again to check out 2 more properties – this time, houses on 5+ acres that need a little TLC but are in our favorite area. We shall see!

I shall be posting about more fun things soon…




5 thoughts on “Checking in…

  1. Best of luck on the house hunt! How fun to be getting ready to move toward the coast! I think I’ve only been to one place in Oregon I didn’t like (It’s off I-5, I can’t remember the name of it, it’s in the mountains and right before you hit California. My car broke down there). The rest of it is so friendly and beautiful. I’m sure you’ll find yourself the perfect home to make your nest for your family-to-be!
    Also, this is the first time I’ve actually figured out and see the purpose of those five-year journals. Seeing where you were at the same time the previous years must be really cool!


  2. I have one of those 5 year journals. I don’t often enjoy looking back on the careless optimism I had when we first started our journey to parenthood. I hope this time next year you are a mom.

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