Week in Pictures


Oh happy day! The crazy late-winter snow did not stop our manzanita (which we’ve potted up as this baby is definitely coming with us!) from its blossoming. LOVE.


And speaking of pretty things, husband surprised me with these 🙂


STOKED! We got four boxes of 24″ square carpet tiles for the basement – no glue required, they just lock together – and installed them (super easy to plop down, the only annoying part is our basement rooms have weird turns to them – both are L-shaped – so there were some custom cutting we Dan had to do. But most importantly, the concrete floors in the bedrooms are GONE, it didn’t cost nearly as much as it would have if we’d paid someone to install the traditional stuff, AND this stuff is rubber on the bottom so it’s softer to walk on AND is better for basement in case there’s moisture. Suh-WEET dude!  (We did the light gray stripe in the entry before you go into this bedroom because I’d miscalculated the number I needed for each room, heh, but I think it looks oK!) Looks so much more inviting! BTW as you might guess, it was supposed to be our kiddo’s area …I can’t bear to paint over the mural so I’m leaving it for the future owner to enjoy…


After 6 months working on the Flo Kennedy biography, I had to admit I just was not caught up in the writing as I wanted to be. She was an amazing black feminist leader, but there was just something in the writing that reminded me of reading a Wikipedia page unfortunately. So, finally, I get to tear into some more Alice Walker as my husband’s already blown through this book, one I’d gotten for myself a couple months ago (heh..that’s what happens when you pack up your books, the significant other gets hungry and starts reading yours!). I have always loved her other works and this one that came out in 1974, the year I was born, has been on my list for-evah…


Well, I’d been planning to do a blog post on the mega ciabatta-making project from this past week after totally scoring this bag of “00” flour at Providore (for all you European bakers out there, 00 flour is not at grocery stores here and it’s not the same as bread flour or pastry flour, or even the “Italian Style Flour” that King Arthur touts to be similar to 00 flour) and made 8 small loaves of ciabatta. Because ciabatta “loaves” come out about the size of a large sub sandwich roll, and because the recipe I have makes just two loaves, and because my husband’s addiction to homemade bread is truly breathtaking, I quadrupled the recipe to make 8 loaves. Did I remember to photograph them? No. Do I have ANY of the loaves left at the end of this week? No. I shit you not they are all gone…and that was me in a pitiful attempt to slow him down, heh. AND we made a dozen buttermilk biscuits this week as well. What would the man do if I was still gluten free? I think they’re delish (nothing like 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 00 flour to create perfection) but the fella? I think he worships ciabatta…


But I must say, the BEST part of my week was my 90 minute Reiki session. My therapist had highly recommended that I add some kind of energy work to help me get ‘un-stuck’ and so along with having my naturopath add craniosacral therapy to my biweekly sessions with her (a ND who’s a LMT? perfection…especially as my longtime LMT has decided after many years to pursue a new career path!), I asked my esthetician, who is also a Reiki healer and has incorporated small amounts of it in the past to my facials with her (I think the first one she did was during DEIVF), to give me the full kittenkaboodle of Reiki (no facial, just Reiki) and boy did the woman deliver. She is very tactile in her style and has an incredibly warm, nurturing spirit (qualities I like and need in a provider) and all I can say is if you’ve never had it, and have anything going on in your heart or soul or body (or all three), find someone who does it who makes you comfortable and give it a try with all the openness you can muster (I like Heidi personally because not only is she all the things I described, she’s also in my age group and is very sassy and upfront like me, so it’s not weird if you curse around her, and she doesn’t overdo it on the hippy-dippy side). I had a real breakthrough moment going back to when we lost our baby in 2016, so much so that I’m asking her to write up her “findings” informally so I can share them with my therapist to help me work through that more. Oh yeah, and it’s just as – if not weirdly MORE – relaxing as a massage. LOVE.


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