Week in Pictures

Absolutely fantastic weekend, I gotta say. At long last, the reunion with one of my dearest friend happened when my friend M took the train down here from Seattle to visit for the weekend. And, as anticipated, we both saw each other at the station and ran and cried in each others arms. After 18 years apart, it was so wonderful to be back together, catch up on our lives, and pick up where we left off as if no time had passed – not to mention occasionally pinch each other to make sure this was real. It feels like we barely scratched the surface in catching up, of course, but we had such a wonderful time wandering through Powell’s and other shops, me taking her around the old neighborhoods, lazying around with a cuppa tea, and of course eating good food, from my homemade pancakes to great cocktails and a luxuriously delicious dinner at the super sustainable Bamboo Sushi in Northwest Portland. Happy happy happy!

And as soon as she got back on the train to go home? This happened. Can’t say I’m thrilled about mid-February snow (it’s Portland, this is not normal, we should be planting peas and stuff right now, hmph…), especially with our red flowering currants covered in buds, and our Yaktrax packed away (somewhere, who knows where, at least I left one pair of gloves out!). But hey, at least it was my sweetie’s day off so we just chilled out at home, watching cooking shows, seasoning cast iron skillets, baking, and, of course, cuddlin’ on the sofa…then it hit 41 degrees and all melted!

Until we woke up today and saw that WTF, it’s back and another couple inches are expected today. So the duckies got another big bowl of greens to supplement their food which they thought was awesome, along with some more crushed peanuts mixed in their feed for some extra fat/protein, and I am, well…inside! Ciabatta dough is rising, ducks are napping, and I am dreaming of spring…


3 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend (snow apart). I’m finding that my reunions with friends from twenty years ago are my absolute favourite thing these days. Those friends you make in your early twenties seem to be the keepers, even though you don’t see them much (I think so anyway)


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