Forest Park on a mild winter’s day – ahh, to breathe it in!

Friday Friday Friday! I can’t believe we’re midmonth and after the usual “unseasonably mild” week or two, it’s getting ready to be fucking cold. As in, dammit I got fooled again and had just brought in the ducks’ heated bucket into the garage and now it’s supposed to get into the low 20’s this weekend! D’oh!


  • So my husband now has been diagnosed with pigment dispersion syndrome. Something his last two ophthalmology appointments at the clinic on Alberta never caught (glad I followed my instincts and got us out of there!). Crazy stuff getting old, ya know? It’s not glaucoma but it lives next door, so we’re hoping these drops keep him from getting any worse. They make him bloodshot as well, so he’s had to buy stoner drops at the drugstore as well. Greaaaat.
  • Jessica Chastain + Octavia Spencer. Now THAT’S sisterhood.
  • Just as I was about to buy a set of microfiber cloths for cleaning windows and such in our house? I read about ’em…and the MUCH greener alternatives we have in our own homes. Check it out.
  • All I can say is, I am still amazed we are STILL fighting for our rights to our own bodies. This is what I’m talkin’ about.
  • Flattering” – which has been shunned by the fat and body pos communities for years – is “code for opinions that might be offensive or hurtful if stated in clearer terms.” Damn that is so spot on. I’m digging this article on Romper about why they are banning the term from their lexicon.

And because we all need to play this while we’re cooking…


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