We are currently snacking on these awesome savory masa-polenta muffins. Sprinkled some ground pasilla in it and chopped lardo and they’re, well, heaven.

Dang, February is full steam ahead. With new coaching client work with two brilliant women in two very different career paths, matched with crazy mild temperatures here in the Rose City, I’m feeling pretty optimistic…

* A good number of folks have asked me to guest blog post about my homesteading and sustainable living practices, but I have been so lame at coming up with things to share beyond my own blog, so kudos to Cindy in Texas for sending me questions to answer to which made it SO much easier! Here’s my guest blog post talking about how I got into doing a lot of the homesteady things I do and sharing some of the inspiration that came through my DNA as well…

* “Everything in your head, in society and everything we have been indoctrinated into believing is screaming: “Don’t do this!” And yet there is some voice that builds over time that has to persuade a person that they do not just have the right to do this but a responsibility to do so; to make the move that will certainly burn their life to the ground.” Here’s to all of the badasses out there who aren’t afraid to call out injustice, ethics violations, sexism, racism, homophobia, and flat out lawbreaking in environments where they could easily have their asses handed to them. While my story was a small one, I was fired from a job after filing a whistleblower complaint and, while I was back to work at another job within a week (I was pretty scrappy, y’all), I never did sue them like I should have. That being said, the large government agency got their just desserts, and boy ain’t karma a bitch for them, that’s all I will say. Anyhow, two famous whistleblowers talked to The Guardian in this article and it’s truly, truly an example of badassery at its finest.

* What the fuck, Poland?

* MEN: “Right now, in the midst of this rising discussion around sexual abuse and assault, you — men — have the chance to look it all right in the face. You have the chance to look at the type of men you have been. You have the chance to look at how you’ve been treating women and how you define your relationships with them. You have the chance to re-evaluate what you deem “victory” or “defeat.” You have the chance to determine for yourselves what you consider to be a healthy and satisfying sexual or romantic encounter…You have the chance to decide that you do not want the women in your life to fear you, to survive you, to endure you, to resent you…You get to decide that now. You get to hear about the way in which women have been harmed by men and decide to be a better man…You get to choose a better path…Or you can keep arguing to uphold the way things are.” (read the article this quote comes from – and share it with other men…NOW…)

* Cameras on polar bears. – you gotta check this story out about how scientists have discovered how much harder it is on these awesome creatures of the North as climate change destroys their future and continues to send them hurtling towards a future of near certain extinction thanks to the many dipshits out there who are perfectly happy to turn a blind eye to what’s happening on our planet.

* Blowing my mind one baking lesson at a time: the difference between pastry flour and bread flour. I literally thought my whole life they were synonyms. They’re not.

* Oh yeah…and just gotta brag, we got two tix to see Erykah Badu this spring at the Soul’d Out Festival…wheeeee!!!! I haven’t been to a live show since Madonna in 2015 and I have loved Miz Erykah since the days of Apple Tree and On & On and y’all, I NEED to boogie in a BIG way…or at least rock side to side a bit and smile…I’d love to get fully spoiled and see De La Soul’s show as well, but our pursestrings are TIGHT so this was a definite splurge just to get our Baduizm goin’ on…

“Time to save the world
Where in the world is all the time
So many things I still don’t know
So many times I’ve changed my mind
Guess I was born to make mistakes
But I ain’t scared to take the weight
So when I stumble off the path
I know my heart will guide me back”
~ Erykah Badu


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