Week in Pictures


Always to be celebrated – the first signs of life as our daffodils begin to emerge from the ground. It’s a bittersweet moment as after 12 years it will be my last time seeing these lovelies, but I know wherever we are headed will bring new beauty. And dude – it was in the upper 50’s this week – what’s up with our February, y’all…!

Amen to Cost Plus World Market for carrying Aussie goodies for me to surprise Dan with. Not that he ate tons of Vegemite back in his home country but he does like it, on toast for brekkie, so I got him a bit along with some ginger candies from the town of Buderim where he spent part of his childhood before returning to Melbourne 🙂


I see my therapist every other week and my ritual is to always go for a cappuccino beforehand and have a wee bit of me time in a different part of the city. This week’s was at St Honore Boulangerie on Division, accompanied by a mini chocolate eclaire and catching up on everyone’s blogs as I forgot to bring my journal. Ahhh….


My favorite photograph as of late in a provider’s office. It just makes me…happy.


Crap. Just as I’m finishing off my Scandal addiction I realized I am now officially hooked on This is Us. Nothing like tonight’s episode to bring me back to the ugly cry remembering losing my own father (10 years ago this November). Can I just say…STERLING!!!!! That family of his is fantastic. And additional props to Mandy Moore for making all of us forget that she started out a teeny bopper singer not so long ago. Very impressive show, dang.


2 thoughts on “Week in Pictures

  1. Hahaha about Mandy Moore! I ALWAYS think about that whenever I watch that show! I was into alternative and oldies (weird combo) as a teen, but my twin sister LOVED pop and Mandy Moore and I have very distinct memories of watching that girl’s music video of driving a new Volkswagen Bug, chewing bubblegum and singing about candy. Why can’t I get it out of my head, twenty years later?!

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