Week in Pictures


So for the past 2 years I’ve developed my own versions of the 95 Homesteading Skills bucket lists that I found on multiple websites (amen, Pinterest, for so much inspiration!), and #38, learn basic metalworking skills, has just finally been scheduled! I’ve been making excuses for not doing things that are just for ME in the name of preparing for our eventual relo out to the coast, and thanks to a few diverse sources of motivation, from my therapist’s direct orders to “reclaim Aimee” to the inspiration of blogger Chad who started his own blacksmithing workshops out in North Carolina (check out his blog which includes pictures of his first class at No Harm in Farmin, and buy some of Chad and Maria’s cool handmade tools and more goodies on their Etsy page HERE), I have finally gotten my arse into gear and registered for the one-day Blacksmith’s Workshop @ TrackersPDX here in Portland in March. Just a start, but if I like it as much as I hope I do, this prerequisite will let me take a 2-day hori-hori knife making class (for those of you who don’t have one in your garden, shame on you and go get one right now, you’ll be instantly obsessed with it, I promise!)


And after a 3 month hiatus from just about all non-essential appointments, I got my arse back on the massage table and it couldn’t have come soon enough. With my back issues, I’d been seeing my new ND who’s also a LMT for a new approach towards PT on my sciatica and related soreness/stiffness (like all those abbreviations I squeezed in there?), but with that being targeted, I had needed to be “interactive” rather than simply pass out into that nice semi-conscious Homer-Simpson-eating-a-donut happy place, so getting back to Julie at Written on the Body, who I’ve been seeing for almost a decade (wow!) was heaven. My skin literally was starting to hurt and so I asked her to incorporate some cupping into our hour together, and boy oh boy did my back certainly need it. I showed Dan and he instantly had to take a snapshot so I could see it for myself, so yes, this is the closest y’all are going to get to seeing me topless on my blog, haha. But you can see the cupping marks are most intense in the middle of my back going under my shoulder blades – clearly needed it!


That’s the number of birth mothers who have viewed our adoption profile book in the past 6 months (or as I oh-so-optimistically refer to it as, “how many more times we’ve been rejected as prospective parents”…I know, right?!). I’m exhausted thinking about it. But can’t get too tired, as we have to renew our home study and background checks again. And tomorrow, some feedback on our profile books is finally coming in which I’m guessing we’ll need to redo them (five hundred bucks for thirty profile books is choking me…). My brain is so tired, this is so hard…

And yes, I turned 44. Holy shit. We spent it primarily holed up in a hotel on the pier on the Columbia with a few mad dashes out in the rain (the sun was fleeting) to grab some seafood (hooray for the start of crab season!) and otherwise just listening to the rain and wind and watch the gigantic ships pass by. May this be MY year.

One thought on “Week in Pictures

  1. Happy birthday! And oh my…I have always wondered about cupping. Clearly you find that it makes a difference for you.

    Sending lots of good vibes on the adoption front. I’m cheering you on from far away on the internet.


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