Week in Pictures

Whether it be street art or wall murals, the one thing I can say I love about Portland is that this kind of creative expression is definitely on the rise. Sadly, it’s almost all commissioned work (unlike in Melbourne and other cities where so much more of it is done for the sheer love of art…btw, see this, this, this and this for examples of what I loved during my visits to Australia, France, and even the Bay Area).


One of the funnier moments of our week happened to be at the grocery store where a nearby neighbor’s cat loves to hang out who got some nice pets from us in the parking lot then, before I could say anything, literally jumped into our car and started exploring the inside, top to bottom, even settling for a bit on my lap and purring before I had to physically pick him up and send him on his merry way. We checked the Nextdoor page and his name is Finn and he’s a former stray that’s charmed his way into many cars and such and is happily independent and well cared for. Just had to giggle.


Y’all, the amazing Annie Leibovitz is teaching an online Master Class in photography – if we weren’t saving for our acreage and adoption, let me tell you, I’d be all OVER this. This photo, you ask? Well, back in 2009, I scored tickets to the Women’s Conference down in Long Beach, CA, and met one of my photographic idols, Annie Leibovitz, during a book signing. I’m not one of those types that can ask for autographs or crowd around someone famous, so when I first bought her book, Women, in Seattle that she did with her beloved partner Susan Sontag a few years prior, I chickened out at the book signing and never got around to getting it signed by her. So I brought it with me to the WC, stood in line for an hour, and begged the gal behind me to take a picture of me meeting Annie. Clearly she did not know how to FOCUS but you can see Ms L smiling at me (I had started to sob like a little baby thanking her for her inspiration in my own photography). Truly awesome moment. And yeah, I was blogging then, if you’re curious about who else I got to see at the event click HERE and HERE for some snapshots. I *so* wish these still were put on, as they were amazingly inspirational events.


Well, guess what…we got the property! I’ve found myself incredibly nauseous and freaked out instead of celebratory believe it or not, but I’ll write more on that in a separate post. To mark the occasion and try to get happy about it, we went to Pambiche, one of our favorite restaurants, and this time there was dessert, oh hell yeah! My husband got the “Lime and the Coconut” which was basically tres leches with lime and sprinkled in coconut, we shared a “cigar” which was chocolate and rum with coconut ‘ashes’, and I had the “Domino”, a dark & white chocolate layer torte. That along with camarones al ajillo (me) and beef (husband) and maduros to start? Damn good…


And, oh yeah…my favorite bumpersticker EVER! I abhor leaf blowers!



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