Blogger Award (thanks C!)


Thanks to Cynthia at Making Peace With the Wrong Side of 40 for this blog award. As requested…

1 Name and thank the one who nominated me (see above)

2 Give a brief history of my blog (2008-present, started as I prepared for the death of my father, took me through several post-divorce years, showing my evolution as a woman, as a gardener, as a chocolatier, as a writer, as a friend/daughter/sister/granddaughter/neighbor/what-not, as a homeowner, as an artist, as a world traveler, as a wife once again, as an infertile, as a recruiter and career coach, as a wholly complex woman figuring out things as she goes along)

3 Two pieces of advice (see above, see below)

4 Nominate some other blogs (check out the right side of my blog – desktop version – for who I follow – whoever reads is welcome to participate!)


  One thought on “Blogger Award (thanks C!)

  1. Egyptian
    December 9, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    An Amazing woman.


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