Taught my husband how we learned to create Thanksgiving art here in the States!

Some days I have no words left. I’m exhausted after picking up Ruby’s ashes this morning, so I’ll let these article’s titles say what I don’t have words for, whether they be about issues or solutions or putting out some good food for thought…or even just appreciating the little things in life.

I have noticed over the years that while I have many subscribers to this blog, there are only a select few who take the time to comment, so I always wonder, what is being read? Why do people follow blogs but so many simply “like” without commenting, or worse, never show evidence that they’re reading, that the blogger’s words are meaningful? Yes it may be not important to some bloggers, but as I start this 10th year, I am hoping more of you out there who are reading share your own stories, discuss them with others, are inspired to take some kind of action, big or small, or simply tell me not just that you “like” the post but why you like it. We are here on this Earth to connect, not to simply watch from the sidelines…

Here are some of the words of others that have as of late made me think, inspired me to act, opened my mind, or simply encouraged me to appreciate…

All of this reminded me of this song which came up on my iPod this morning, so yeah, shake it a little , turn it up, whatever suits you…


4 thoughts on “Eco-licious

  1. I’m guilty of being one of the likers who doesn’t comment – sometimes, I just don’t know the right words to write; no matter how much I can relate to you. I wish you knew how much your blogs help me feel less alone.

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