Nine Years…and still truckin’


Nine years. NINE YEARS! How did that happen…

This month marks the beginning of my 10th year as a blogger and I am still stunned at the time. Beginning as a way of working through my father’s death, talking about the relationships and events of the day that were affecting me, moving into a true eco-focus, talking about Stumptown life, sharing my local and international travels and my photographic work, meeting my true love (right on this here blog!), conducting an entire year of interviews, posting recipes and selling my truffles and other desserts, talking about not only my career pursuits and also sharing some of my related wisdom, learning and advancing my gardening know-how, giving a peek at our green wedding, opening up about my health from my thyroid to the years I went gluten & dairy free to the crap-venture that infertilty has been, my many years of car-free living and bike commuting adventures, the loss of my beloved Rottweiler Daisy in 2012 and now, preparing for the loss of our sweet Ruby in a couple of days. I appreciate so much the people who take the time to stop by my blog, particularly those who take the time to respond with comments that show sensitivity and empathy. I’ve made so many friends around the world as well, and couldn’t be more honored.

With that, I decided to check out some “all time stats” (which actually only track back to 2012 because I was on a Blogspot page before converting everything over to WordPress that year) and share the Top 10 posts with the most views:

  1. Ha! Well my husband’s guest blog post on The Cult of Mankind Project’s “New Warrior Training” actually takes the top spot. Considering it does kind of read like a sci-fi story (but sadly, it’s all true), I get it. Ya see, I fell in love with a writer 🙂
  2. Timelines are a popular thing and I know that when in the depths of infertility treatments I, too, looked at them on my fellow infertiles’ blogs first to better understand their journey. Our Infertility Timeline is one I’m glad to no longer be updating, even if the ending was not what we wanted.
  3. Ditto for adoption timelines – Our Adoption Timeline is still a work in progress waiting for its happy ending. Fingers crossed.
  4. Go figure, my serrano pepper jelly recipe, bad lighting and all.
  5. As a career coach, I was happy to see that my thoughts and others’ on Modernizing Your Resume has been pretty popular.
  6. The Emotional Body Slam – wow, I had no idea this one would reach the top ten in views after just under 7 months since I posted about the failure of our 6th and final round of DEIVF. My only hopes are that a year from now, the heartache has subsided from the numbness where I keep it these days to true healing.
  7. Woo hoo! I think the most favorite part of blogging was my 2013 weekly EcoGrrl Interview series, and back then interviewing Asheville’s homesteading goddess herself, Ashley English, was no exception. It was so fun to hear from my friends, both the local and bloggy ones, about their perspectives on everything from environment to feminism to what sparks their imaginations.
  8. Explaining the differences between the types of career coaches in Workin’ 9 to 5 (and getting professional help…in your career) has been tremendously helpful in my work and making sure the folks who come to me are getting the help they need and understanding that we don’t all work the same way.
  9. Working in tech and being a pretty big loudmouth about diversity, it was great to see that the guest post by my former client (and candidate!) about how brogrammer culture is affecting diversity in the tech sector. He’s awesome and I was so appreciative to have someone with this level of self-awareness call out some of the bad behavior out there.
  10. And finally, most of my longtime readers know how I feel about how magazines love to tell women that to age (and to look one’s age, if over 30) is a mortal sin, I was psyched to see that my full-on audit of one issue of one “women’s” magazine got so much attention. Redbook’s Bevy of False Claims, Misleading Ads, and Shaming Women is a post I could have done with just about any magazine, from Glamour and a couple of other big ones who still advertise cigarettes while claiming they care about our health, to every single magazine who does “sexy at any age” articles and proceed to show only wafer-thin, heavily made-up women (and then stop the age examples at 60, as if once we apply for Social Security we’re no longer women), to the hypocritical celebrities who talk about looking natural and embracing their age, while simultaneously hocking anti-aging products. It’s about keeping our eyes open to what’s out there in a world so consumed with marketing what we should or shouldn’t be to fill their pockets instead of our hearts.

Again, thank you to my readers who inspire me every day to be more of myself, to continue to be vulnerable, to learn more and live more and love more wholly. But most of all, thank you to my husband who left a comment almost 7 years ago that, unbeknownst to us then, would lead to this life we have today. I love you, babe.



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