Three Days

On Monday we have made the decision to bid farewell to our dearest pup Ruby. We’ve discovered a massive tumor in her belly this week which, along with her Cushing’s disease that is now in its advanced stages, is causing her what can only be tremendous pain. She is now bandaged up and cuddling up with Dan as I write this, with three days of extra big love planned for our girl. We adopted her in late 2014 and were told by OHS she was 5 when the vets we took her to later said she was at least 10 and that they’d scammed us. We adored our girl every second of every day, and since coming back from Paris in 2015, have never been without her even one night. She has been our best friend, our sweet girl, and at 13, it feels far too early to say goodbye, but far to unfair to keep her around when she is doing so poorly. Ruby the dog, you’ve been with us for 3 years but it feels like a thousand.

We love you so dearly.


4 thoughts on “Three Days

  1. I’m so incredibly sorry! My heart goes out to both you and your husband. Losing our canine and feline family members is heartbreaking.


  2. I am beyond sorry for you guys having to go through this. I’m certain you gave ruby the BEST years of her life, even though she came to you later on; she’s one lucky pup.

    Sending you lots of strength and love to get you through this next phase. Xo

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  3. Intense emotional pain does not even begin to describe the feelings I know I am going through. I decided to hold back until after the deed (its been 3 hours), as the depth of the emotional low had not yet been fathomed. But fathomed it has been and deep it is.
    She was one fucking amazing family member and I miss her so, so much already.
    Vale Ruby dog xox

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