After shoveling 3 cubic yards of hemlock mulch in our front and side yards on Monday then realizing we needed to have ordered double that to cover the backyard? We said fuckitfornow and headed to my favorite li’l hole in the wall for red wine, carbonara, cannoli and limoncello. Allora, indeed.

Lots on my mind. Exhaling a LOT this week!

  • A basic list for men – ALL men – to read…no matter how feminist they consider themselves to be. Amen.
  • A huge thing going on that isn’t getting an ounce of coverage in our regular news feeds I found buried in The Guardian the other day? It was determined that THREE-QUARTERS of flying insects have been eradicated. The article went on to say, “The cause of the huge decline is as yet unclear, although the destruction of wild areas and widespread use of pesticides are the most likely factors and climate change may play a role…We appear to be making vast tracts of land inhospitable to most forms of life, and are currently on course for ecological Armageddon. If we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.” Time to go throw up in my mouth again.
  • The utter hypocrisy of what companies with a lot of power can do to avoid complying with local laws while small businesses get penalized for the same thing. FYI I feel the same way about Uber that I feel about Facebook – these are non-essential services that people use while being perfectly OK with what kind of shit they pull.
  • What the living fuck? I knew Rick Perry was out of his fucking mind, but this bullshit makes me want to slam his head into the wall. For those outside of the US, this is the former Governor of Texas and former presidential candidate who couldn’t name three departments in the US government and now is “leading” one of them, the department of energy. Oh yeah and he was on Dancing with the Stars last year.
  • If you boil Trump and Sanders’ main thesis down to its core, it is essentially the same: the working class white man is getting a raw deal. Trump and Sanders vow to restore the working class white man to his former glory, by returning what was “stolen” from him…(Sanders) voted against the Brady bill multiple times. In a recent debate, he vehemently argued against holding gun manufacturers accountable for mass shootings.” (source). With that, I’ve got a bit of a vent in this last subject today, as I am super fucking tired of the dickhead-in-chief whining that the election was “rigged” and Bernie Sanders supporters now claiming the same. Two grumpy, loud old white men who changed parties in order to run for President, neither who I ever had any trust in to go forth represent our country on the global stage (I’ve always looked at elections with my recruiter hat on, and neither of them ever showed anything close to the skills and experience Hillary Clinton had on the world stage ), and neither who had any allegiance to the political party they claimed to represent.  (FYI: Sanders is a longtime Independent who claimed he’d run as such then changed to Democrat, and now is back to Independent as he runs in ’18 for Senate reelection; #45 registered as a Republican in ’87, Independent in ’99, Democrat in ’01, Republican in ’09, “no party” in ’11, and back to Republican in ’12.) Both men clearly lost the popular vote to a woman – the same ones who told Clinton when her book came out to “get over it and just move on” as they didn’t want to hear about a woman who won the popular vote by just under THREE MILLION. As Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post said in 2016, “These two stubborn outsiders believe they are their campaign’s best political mind. And the damage that outsized and misplaced view of their capabilities has done on their respective quests for the White House is plainly apparent…Every ill-considered move made by the Sanders campaign was driven by the self-described Democratic socialist who ran for the presidential nomination of a party he holds in contempt.” A year after that article, with Donna Brazile’s new book being interpreted in many ways, CNN addressed the fact that “Financial mismanagement at the DNC led to a party on the verge of financial collapse, saved only by an agreement with Clinton in which the campaign would raise money for the DNC in exchange for control over its decisions. Sanders’ campaign also signed a fundraising agreement with the party, but did not raise money in the same way for the DNC during the primary…Sanders’ entire strategy was to run from the outside, drawing the party to him and not benefiting from the its largesse…None of this is to say that Democrats shouldn’t have treated the process differently, but it doesn’t change the fact Clinton dominated the process from start to end. Or that Sanders, surprised by his own success, didn’t have the infrastructure to win a long campaign. There’s also the simple fact that Sanders ran in the primary of a party to which he was proudly not technically a member…despite her flaws, Clinton didn’t need the DNC to win the nomination.” What is NOT getting headlines? The insane amount of voter suppression that occurred in a number of states, including Wisconsin, leading to a victory for the Orange Asshole. Mother Jones reported that this was “Wisconsin’s first major election that required voters—even those who were already registered—to present a current driver’s license, passport, or state or military ID to cast a ballot…More than half the state’s decline in turnout occurred in Milwaukee, which Clinton carried by a 77-18 margin, but where almost 41,000 fewer people voted in 2016 than in 2012. Turnout fell only slightly in white middle-class areas of the city but plunged in black ones…The impact of Wisconsin’s voter ID law received almost no attention. When it did, it was often dismissive…only 8.9% of TV news segments on voting rights from July 2016 to June 2017 “discussed the impact voter suppression laws had on the 2016 election,” while more than 70% “were about Trump’s false claims of voter fraud and noncitizen voting.”Republicans said the ID law was necessary to stop voter fraud…but when the measure was challenged in court, the state couldn’t present a single case of voter impersonation that the law would have stopped.”
  • And don’t get me started on the people, following the mass-shooting-du-jour (Texas, if you’re not keeping track) who say that this is “not a gun issue” or that they’re going to “focus on God’s love” to improve this bullshit situation. Fuck the Air Force. Fuck religion. Fuck the sick shits out there who would rather have their assault rifles than save lives. Fuck them all.

With that, the queen herself, Madonna:


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