Autumn in Oregon never ceases to amaze me, even in our garden, from the heuchera to the vine leaf maple to the snowberry tree going from blossom to berry, love it…

Holy crap it’s Friday and Season 2 of Stranger Things is on so I gotta make this quick as it’s marathon time!

  • I love this: Boobs are not a crime. I never understood why men could strip off their shirts and walk down the street and women were seen as pornographic if they did. “If a community decides that it is too emotionally upsetting for children to see a woman’s breasts in the flesh, then men should have to keep their chests covered up as well.” Mic drop.
  • Great article about how simply washing a conventional apple doesn’t always remove the pesticides – and more reasons to buy pesticide free fruit. It’s pretty well communicated out there that the thinner the skin, the more the entire fruit (and veg) soaks up the poisons they spray them with. Of course as some readers know I’m in the Fuck Apples place right now, but still, worth a read.
  • Beautiful article in The Guardian about the new Stillbirth Stories project all about bringing the nightmare of stillbirth out of the shadows and get people not only talking, but educated on how common it actually is, occurring 10X more than cot death and, in Britain, 3 out of every 1,000 births are stillborn. My heart broke into a million pieces when we miscarried last summer, and I cannot imagine the even deeper pain of the couples who lost their child in this way. One thing that I found particularly poignant in this is that it recognizes that those who lose their babies via miscarriage or stillbirth ARE parents…we just didn’t get to experience it to its fullest like most do. For those already sniffling, want to lose your shit even more? Read this tremendous story of one father honoring his stillborn son.
  • On a completely different topic, as a longtime photographer I’ve had an eternal obsession with photography that meshes art with history, and to see these new color photos from WWII released was just…intense. It’s kind of like seeing the Civil War era pictures when most folks were still painting portraits, as we have a certain image in our mind of history and to see the people shot in genuine color (not colorized) film brings it to life in amazing ways.
  • Now HERE is a badass woman calling out the catcallers on the street while also putting a face to the all too common bullshit we deal with as women. LOVE HER.
  • And moving over to the food side of things that I always dig talking about, I love this article on how to freeze food without plastic. While we have been using canning jars for years to preserve fruits like berries and have glass containers for most everything else, I *totally* did not even conceive of the suggestion to reuse waxed cartons for stock you want to freeze! Rad!
  • Finally, as I’m starting to do more and more on this particular column, here’s something at the end of this week I like – for me it’s particularly recommended for cooking or driving, and one of the very first tapes I bought 🙂

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